Crypto Expo Dubai 2021 — report from the event

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3 min readOct 22, 2021


This event was a golden opportunity for investors and crypto industry leaders to follow the current trends and explore new business avenues. Participants had the chance to meet the right crypto companies, invest and trade.

This is a time to summarize the Crypto Expo Dubai (CED 2021) event.

Welcome party

The last week was full of positive emotions, inspirational meetings, and knowing amazing people!

On the 13th of October at Conrad Dubai Hotel took place a welcome party for speakers and sponsors of CED 2021. That was the perfect occasion for knowing other companies connected with the cryptocurrency market. ELCASH team held several business meetings which in the following months can make new business opportunities for the project.

Marcin Sen (Chief Brand Strategist) and Ewelina Furtak (Head of Communications)

Day 1

On the first day, more than 6000 people joined the event! The ELCASH stand was very popular among the participants of the event. Do you believe that our team distributed all the brochures in 3 hours?! The first day was crazy and out of the control but… in a positive way!

ELCASH’s brochure
ELCASH’s booth

Day 2

Second day of CED 2021 was very important for ELCASH team because at 11:05 local time our speakers Ewelina Furtak (Head of Communication) and Marcin Sen (Chief Brand Strategist) had their presentation “Network Layering: the solution to high transaction fees”.

The presentation was about ELCASH ecosystem and Electric Wallet Pro. They also covered the problem of high fees in crypto transactions and explained why Electric Cash can answer this issue as the first Proof-of-Work coin with built-in Staking and Governance features.

After the presentation, ELCASH speakers had an interview with the organizer of this event which will be available in the following weeks.

Few data after CED 2021:

· 8000 visitors in 2 days,

· More than 60 companies,

· More than 50 speakers.


Happy to announce that Electric Cash won the award for Best Blockchain Solution! It is a huge success for the brand. ELCASH team is more than grateful for that award and can promise that they do their best to make ELCASH a coin perfect for daily activities, community-oriented, and game-changer.

Electric Cash won the award for Best Blockchain Solution

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