It’s time for something new — ELCASH has a new official website!

Electric Cash
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2 min readOct 26, 2021


After many months of hard-working, changing plans, working on new concept, ELCASH team officially launched the new website with a new domain.

Starting today, everyone who is interested in Electric Cash, can find all information about the project on the new website

The previous website will be closed in the next few weeks. On this domain users will find only links to Explorers.

What will you find on this new website?

New visual
Electric Cash is community-focused coin. New visual is a response to main ELCASH’s claim. Also, it’s related to Electric Cash ecosystem, for example with mobile app Electric Wallet Pro.

>> Remember that Electric Wallet Pro is available for iOS and Android! <<

New sections
Blog, Wallets, About us or wELCASH — these subpages you will find on the new website. More information, more knowledge, everything for you because ELCASH team knows how important knowledge-sharing is!

New roadmap
Setting new milestones and continuous development are key for each project. In Electric Cash we know it! Because of that on the new website users will find more information regarding plans for ELCASH.

Every project has a “team behind”. These people are responsible for all activities (business development, IT implementation, global adoption or marketing) and their main goal is making ELCASH better and better, day by day. On the new website you will find information about ELCASH team.

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