A brand of golf carts designed
with golf car dealer experience.

Golf cart dealers, if you could design a golf car, what would you want it to include?

Odds are you would want a good quality car that can be resold for a good profit margin. You’d want a variety of vehicle types with performance, serviceability and look that make end-users and service departments happy.

Let’s face it, the quest to provide affordable electric golf carts to the market has met with mixed results. Overseas manufactured products, while maybe offering more favorable pricing, don’t always have the quality you need or the parts you need on a timely basis.

Additionally, dealers and their teams are often frustrated by vehicle performance issues, cars rusting on the lots and more.

The Advanced EV brand was designed to help. You can see the design features here or in the slide show link below.

35 plus years experience in this industry forms the underlying design idea for the Advanced EV. You see, the designer, is a golf cart dealer like you. With direct input into the vehicle design process, he developed a way to ensure the U.S. golf cart dealer’s voice was heard.

He set out to design a cart as a dealer would…that is, put the best ideas in one vehicle brand, make it so it’s relatively easy to get replacement parts, and offer factory-direct pricing.

View a slide show of the Advanced EV here.