Announcing Electroloom’s Alpha Units

Marcus Foley
Apr 2, 2015 · 2 min read

Since we first told the world what we were working on — a machine that can additively manufacture cohesive, 3D fabrics from your desktop — many of you have reached out to us with messages of support and excitement. It’s time that you become part of our story.

Over the last few months we’ve been working from Shenzhen, China, refining our most sophisticated prototype yet. Today we are excited to announce an alpha unit program (think of it as a developer kit) to get a prototype Electroloom in the hands of innovative designers, makers, researchers, and hobbyists who are looking to be some of the first people to work on additive 3D fabrics.


This alpha program will allow us to gain insight into the myriad of ways in which you might want to use an Electroloom. We want to work with you from early on in our development cycle. We want to know what crazy ideas made you want an Electroloom. We want to know what works well and even more importantly, what doesn’t. We want to see your designs. We want your help pushing the limits of what our machine can make, and hopefully even opening our eyes to things we haven’t considered.


You should know going in that these alpha units won’t be perfect. We’re not selling a polished, consumer-ready machine yet. This is a brand new technology, and inevitably things will break, pumps will fail, new materials will come and go, and the software will need patching — but we’ll be there working closely with you the whole time. The upside is that despite whatever shortcomings these units have, they will at the end of the day be capable of creating on demand fabric in 3D space. We hope that excites you as much as it excites us.

We want to work with you

It’s hard to stress that enough. This will be a feedback-intensive program — you’ll have the opportunity to work with us to fix any issues the machine may have, and you’ll have us to help solve your design challenges. By getting this kind of high quality feedback early on, we hope to be able to build a more stable, feature-rich Electroloom in the future.

We will be announcing more details regarding the alpha unit’s specifications and quantities soon (we can certainly tell you that the quantity will be limited). In the meantime, fill out our Alpha Unit Developer form, and tell us why you want to work with your very own Electroloom.

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