An end and a new beginning

Teodor Costachioiu
Apr 23, 2020 · 2 min read

As you can see, I started moving all articles from Electronza to Medium.

Why did I choose to do this? There are multiple reasons.

First of all, I don’t have much time to write at Electronza. I am involved in other projects that require a lot of time and are more profitable.

Second, in the last year, the earnings from the blog did not even cover the hosting and administration expenses, without me having any profit from it.

Over the last year, I have tried several ways to monetize the blog. Amazon affiliated links. Advertising. It didn’t work! Whatever I do, the blog is not profitable.

Now, when the COVID19 pandemic forces me to work from home, I have analyzed Electronza’s prospects, and I do not think it is not worth to continue.

It is also a pity that the work I’ve done so far to be lost.

So, you will find here a good part of the old articles published on Electronza. I will delete some posts that had no readers or were outdated.

Unfortunately the old comments will be lost during this transition. There’s nothing I can do about it.

The code libraries I wrote will be available on GitHub.

It has recently come to my attention that Amazon considers the medium more like a social network and not a blogging platform. As such, there was a risk that my affiliate account will be closed for violating Amazon’s terms and conditions.

As such, I decided to return to the domain, but this time hosted on the platform. I have chosen this platform because it is free and allows me to use as a custom domain.

The big disadvantage is that importing from WordPress does not work well, and I will have to redo most of the posts with copy-paste and manual uploading of images to the website.

The old WordPress theme can no longer be used. Instead, I found on Themeforest a Blogger theme called MagOne.

Canonical links from Medium stories will be updated to reflect the new changes.

Comments remain closed.

Published on on April 23, 2020. Published also on on March 9, 2021.


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