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Hard times are coming

The other day my furnace broke. It’s nothing special, a relay on the thermostat side failed after 15 years of operation. It’s a typical fault for this model of furnace and it takes 10 minutes to replace the relay.

The surprise came when I wanted to order a similar relay. I found it with difficulty, from a supplier outside the country, at a price about three times higher than I knew it should cost — considering that is an extremely common 12V relay.

Since I ordered the relay, I wanted to take the opportunity to get some other stuff too, since I’m paying a fixed price for shipping.

Here comes the big surprise — I couldn’t find a lot of common components in stock. The ubiquitous ATMEGA238P that equips Arduino Uno boards — zero stock everywhere. At Farnell/Newark I even saw a delivery date in July 2023!

Hard times are coming

If you are a student and have to do practical work for projects or for your degree thesis, it’s time to stock up on components now, otherwise you might not have anything to work with!

If you own an electronics store or you do technical support, fill up your stock. You may not find any components later on, however much you are willing to pay for them.

Don’t throw away old boards, you may end up cannibalizing the components on those boards.

You may want to make any other electronics purchases now, while they are still available.

Photo by Alexandre Debiève on Unsplash

Originally published at https://www.electronza.com.



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