Sunday Sans Screen — Inactive Internet #6

Dear Medium!

Yesterday evening I already switched off my phone off and was out with friends without carrying the radiating device with me. In exchange I had a good morning today and had a good talk to my mum on the landline phone. She commented in the end of the phone call that it was very peaceful to talk to me today. After the call I put down the phone and was preparing my swimming stuff. It was 9:15 when I remembered my appointment at 9 a.m. at the psychologists. Anyway I will not check his number and I will pay the one hour that he saved for me because I did not cancel in time. I made the mistake. My mobile phone would have reminded me. Also did the fact of not using it. Just a little bit too late. I think fact is that my psychologist wrote me an SMS or called me and then I was thinking about him in exchange. Unlucky leave my mobile phone does not show the time when he sent the SMS but I will ask him next time when we will meet. I had breakfast at a fast food place and was starting to take my first notes for this day. I cycled to the pool in order to find out that it is closed to public due to a water ball match. Same like yesterday thought the way to the pool with the bike just for biking reasons. No swimming benefit from it. Nearly I went back to I don’t know where then I realised that it is nice on the island and started heading to the Japanese garden at the end of the island . There is some more peaceful atmosphere than in the centre in the garden. I took some notes about when I feel aggressive to find out why I am often aggressive. In the moment when I took the notes I needed to Clear My Throat because I felt that devilish Attraction from somewhere close to me. A loving couple was sitting close to me . It seemed that the girl caused that I had to clear my throat. The fact that they attracted me left my you stuck to them. I do not know why but this Sensation what’s causing high aggressions inside of me because I could not control my vertigo for so many years and in this situation they seemed to cause my vertigo again until I clear my throat. Then suddenly my vertigo was gone. If the girl was come over to me and start to talk it would be peaceful in my humble opinion but they just did not move away and also did not move closer. Many humans do not realise how much they influence other humans for their own benefit. I realised how it is working and so now I am aware of it. The couple might also get a big slap on the face one day. I cycle to a vegan burger shop where I have been the year before and had lunch. People against seemed to have the need to be watched. Often this makes me angry by the attraction that their misbehavior is causing to other people’s bodies. After lunch as I got home. The clock told something around 1 p.m. so half of the day is still free. I was sitting for a decent time inside the Courtyard of my apartment house that has an atmosphere like in the woods. It was quiet sometimes some Birds flew around. During the time I smoked a cigarette and drank a can of a refreshing beverage. To neighbours passed. One came from home and went out to the city the other one came out of the apartment. The one who came home was not having the intention of greeting, the other one who went out had the energy to say one little word: Hello.

I went for an extra long walk. I suppose it must have been 5 kilometres at least. I smoked a cigarette at the point of return. Then I made my way back to the centre and went into the movie theatre on my way home. I watch the movie in a language that I cannot understand and the subtitles where in a language that I did not learn in school. Still I made it to be able to follow the story but I did not understand maybe 3 to 4 jokes in the beginning . I was laughing sometimes with the crowd. It was a funny comedy. I will give feedback to the friend of mine who suggested to watch that movie.

After that I went back home to the Courtyard of my apartment house and took a smoke. During the cigarette another neighbour came out talking on the phone to his partner. He said things like tell me if you do not like to see me ever again but please tell me. He was close to here’s. I was just smiling and satisfied with the fact that I do not have used a mobile phone today. Then I went to bed and fell asleep.

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