Sunday sans Screen — Inactive Internet #12

Dear Medium!

I woke up. Outside in the Courtyard I see light. it is 5 a.m. I take a shower and have a coffee and a cigarette. Then I remember that I agreed with a client of the studio to have a phone call. Also I’d like to sell my TV and did not note the phone number. so in order to be able to call both persons I have to switch on the computer because both telephone numbers are inside the email inbox. I wrote down the phone numbers on a piece of paper where also is noted that I go to my aunt for lunch. I hurried to switch off the computer then I swiped the floors of my apartment. Today a guest is checking in who stays for 6 days. His name is the same like my name. Most floors are clean and the apartment is tidy just the floor of the bathroom is missing. I needed a break from cleaning. It is 6:30 a.m. now. I will call my parents.

It was a short call because the tone quality was not the best. I continue cleaning and had a yoghurt with honey for breakfast. I also prepared a salad for the evening dot I cut carrots cucumber and tomatoes and added half an onion from yesterday. Then I continue to cleaning bathroom and Kitchen. I went to buy papers for my tobacco. it was raining lightly.

When I returned I called the Indian lady and clarified the details. We scheduled an appointment for recording the narrator on Friday but we will confirm by email during next week the exact time. She was wondering why I have a German phone number. My landline telephone is a German Internet telephone and it is sending a German number. Afterwards I called the guy who would like to buy my TV but he did not pick up. Maybe he was afraid that someone from Germany is calling him. then I smoked a cigarette and waited and took some notes. My guest arrived. We were talking for 30 minutes and then I had to leave for a massage. I really needed one now I was just too stressed out.

The massage was quite relaxing. I felt good afterwards and was smiling at a lot of people while I sat on a bench and drank a refreshing lemonade. Then I went to my aunt for lunch. When I entered I got a shock from the heat. Outside it was 20 degrees and she is heating the apartment to 24 degrees. During lunch I had to sit next to the heater not there it was extreme hot, even hotter than in the other parts of the apartment. Not I hardly could stand the heat so I am dressed and sat there in my muscle shirt with pants. The food was delicious. She really can cook same taste like my mother.

After lunch we went to the living room. The better temperature allowed me finally to regenerate. Suddenly my aunt’s phone was ringing. This is an old mobile phone with black and white display. Since the phone was located in another room I went to the kitchen and looked at the phone. it was her daughter who was calling my dear cousin. I picked up the phone and said “Hi, Surprise!” she answered “Happy Mother’s Day”. Both of us were laughing. I brought the phones to my own and they were talking a little bit. Afterwards my aunt explained that her daughter’s family will arrive around 6 p.m. to my arms apartments.

I helped my aunt to get a light bulb changed in a chandelier by using a ladder. Then I said goodbye And went away. I was planning to return in the evening at 6 p.m. I walked back home and laid down on my bed and wrote again the recent blog notes to paper. I was thinking about an Egyptian singer who was 2 weeks ago at my recording studio. Yesterday she finally answered my letter that I sent her after our recording session. Her answer was very positive and polite. I cannot get her out of my head. Sometimes I think that she is someone special. I was listening to the radio and prepared a coffee and the salad. when I was eating the salad on my balcony three Pigeons headed in a row up to my balcony and only 50 centimetres in front of my head they made a U-turn one after each other. Wow. I packed my stuff and left for my aunt again.

There I met my cousin with her daughter. We were speaking with each other and then we moved to my place. At my place her daughter and also my cousin have been astonished about the nice atmosphere in my apartment. I was happy that they liked my flat. Her daughter was also suggesting that my flat could use more flowers and more paintings in the higher ranges on the wall. They left and I turned back to my notes. At this moment I have the mood to check for emails, Just today it is but today is the day without screen so I thought about the possibility to stay awake until midnight. Just I was able to sleep already. I am so curious about a reply by the Egyptian singer. I think I like her. Maybe I would even like to tell her this at our next meeting.