Sunday Sans Screen — Inactive Internet #7

Dear Medium!

I went 250 kilometers from Budapest with a good friend to a national Reservoir. We arrived yesterday in the evening at the hosts. They were very welcoming and warm hearten people. I woke up at the time when there was already light outside the building. I was not aware of the time because I did not find a clock anywhere just on the microwave and it was most likely not so late yet. I was waiting in the living room at the table and was reading a flyer about touristic activities like Tours and caves and horse riding while the woman who was the host arrived. She brought breakfast so it appears to be just 7 a.m. in the morning because the breakfast was ordered for that time. I had my breakfast and was feeling well off the wards. I liked the fact that my friend supports the mobile free day and does the same. Still she asked me if she might send an SMS to friends because she forgot to cancel an appointment. I told her that it is her decision and I realized that for her it is also more important to have a mobile free day than to send this SMS. Then we started to exercise some yoga in our room on the separated beds. It was interesting to see her approach to the yoga that differs a little bit from the school where I am learning. Afterwards I felt energized and ready for the day. We talked about 15 minutes to the hosts and started to move towards the cave that we planned to visit. In front of the cave we laid down into the grass and I started to make my first notes for this day.

We decided to take the cave tour at 3 p.m. in the afternoon when we realized that we still have 90 minutes left until the tour. I recommended to sit down at a table in order to draw the hill outside the cave with its entrance. I was going with a pencil my friend was using pastels. We were close to finish our art and went to the Gathering point for the tour.

It was amazing to see a cave from inside again after around 20 years. The tour let us do a lot of difference bigger and smaller halls through more or less narrow paths. The concert hall was the best experience when the tour guide played a record of Vangelis that is called Chariots of Fire. The acoustics where amazing. I would like to attend a live concert one day in this place. At the exit we saw two bats that were sleeping and hanging upside down at the ceiling. They did not seem to bother about the moving crowd of tourists and we could study them from really close. We did not feel comfortable by touching them so we didn’t.

When we left the caves I was picking up some documents from the tourist information for our host and then I sat down at the same table like before again in order to continue on my drawing. When we both finished with our drawings for this day we started to follow the yellow path that would lead us to our accommodation. It went through nature and up and down the hills. There were some amazing spots on the trail.

When we arrived my friend fell asleep and I started cooking our dinner. We had spaghetti with vegetables and spices. We also drunk the leftover coffee of our breakfast.

My friend went back to bed after dinner and I was sharing of beer with the guy who was our host. We were talking about all kind of paper topics. It was really good to speak to him although it was quite hard to understand him due to the quiet voice he had.

After the beer we took a look at the stars outside smoked a cigarette and said goodnight to each other. Back in my room I was talking more to my friend who was awake again and then we both fell asleep after a long day without any screen and mobile phone and Internet. I was happy that I could convince her to follow my idea.