Sunday Sans Screen — Inactive Internet #3

Dear Medium!

Guess what? Sunday without a screen. In the morning I forgot about the purpose of the day so I was using a computer to make an installation medium for a task that I will work on today. I will copy the data of my studio computer to the new SSD that I bought last Sunday. The studio machine has no Internet and of course I left my mobile phone at home in flight mode. I’m on the bus to the studio and met some foreigners who thought it’s possible to take photos by standing in the bus. Right at the next turn the bus drivers that on the break and the tourist Tumbles into the driver’s window Direction. I told him that the buses in this city are not like the ones in his City. I started to clean the drive is told me two hours left so I thought I will visit a friend in another District. I stepped on the bus again. Actually I have my swimming stuff with me so in case my friend is not at home I will maybe go to the pool for swimming one hour. The bus driver close the door while I was stepping onto the bus full stop he was hurrying to he said good morning as if I still would sleep I answered good morning are you having somewhere? The ride on the bus was mostly slow afterwards, especially interesting for this city, since here the buses are driving like crazy. If someone would with them in the drivers cabin. A woman asked me if she could get out because she was sitting at the window next to me who was sitting at the corridor full stop I said good morning and I was so get off the bus . She clarified additionally that she just get off the bus 2 stops later and I answered where are you running it seems you are running away from yourself. We wish to each other a nice day. I stepped on the Metro that will take me out to the end stop close to the apartment of my friend. This is calm and relaxing on the Metro only the noise of the train similar to a plane just sometimes the tires are squeaking. People on the Metro try to attract me again with their views but nowadays I am strong enough in most situations especially when writing like know how to concentrate to my world and answer they do not directly talk to me I leave them alone. A girl on an online chat stated yesterday evening: long live ignorance. I feel very similar on the Metro. The couple in front of me is staring in their mobile phones and talking about money full stop classical case of consumers. I arrived at the end stop. Now I walk to my friends apartment full stop he was not at home so I left him a message inside his letter box. I went back to the center and took a Thai soup and spring rolls for lunch . it was very delicious and a value for a couple of bucks. After work I have a salty pistachio ice cream finally they sell ice cream again it is spring. Also the desert was a joy for my tongue. I stepped on the bus in the direction back to the studio. Against on the Strip the destruction was minimal despite the fact that there were many people on the bus . I will arrive in 10 minutes. I will just try to sleep a bit.

The disc migration was a success. Also successful was the re-installation of the WiFi adapter. Finally it is working again to connect from the studio machine to the Internet. I also copied the song that was it last time with the Kenyan singer. I will send it by email to her when I am back home. I went to a shop to buy two pretzels and checked the movie program for today inside a cinema. I decided to go for dinner and after work I will watch a movie that got several prices at the latest film festivals. Here I am at the restaurant and I ordered tagliatelle e salmone and a water with lemon. The restaurant was quiet fool and it seems that the people who set the closest to me are not really friendly artificial how they ask for the menu by shouting into the room. I hear them also swearing. Two guys and a girl. She’s mostly passive most likely I am more attractive than both of her companions. Does I am not interested in an artificial girl. Food is served soon the pasta was delicious in the water with lemon give a perfect ending to the food I am full now I will roll a cig and pay the bill. After that I went to the cinema and watched the movie.

It was a great movie with an autistic girl as the main character. I felt in love with her. Afterwards I went home and forgot about my screen-less and offline behavior. I was trying to do different things. Luckily a friend wrote an email in order to schedule a phone call for the evening. So in the end I had a long talk to him until I was tired and went to sleep.

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