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Developer Preview: Juno Beta 2 Is Out!

Putting a bow on it!

For App Developers

If you have an app published in AppCenter for Loki or would like to publish an app for Juno, this pre-release is for you! During this Beta2 period we hope to see app developers get the rest of their apps ready to go, and we’re always standing by in Gitter and the Community Slack to help wherever we can.

Gala & Greeter

We fixed a few issues around Gala, the Greeter, HiDPI, and related refinements during the beta2 cycle:


AppCenter has gotten a lot of love in Juno!


A slash is now appended to file paths when typed into the pathbar. Thumbnailing has also been improved, meaning renamed or new files should more consistently get correct thumbnails.

Icons, Stylesheet, & Wallpapers

The stylesheet now provides an “inline” style for tab bars. This means if an app opts into this style, its tabs can better match the content they’re switching between instead of always being chrome-colored.

The new checkerboard class works with both light and dark styles
New Manila folders
The latest addition to our wallpaper collection, courtesy of Unplash and Nick Cooper


Lots of code cleanup and improvements. We also fixed a crash that could occur when restoring the app and playing a song in certain circumstances. Not much has changed in the UI between beta1 and beta2, but work is ongoing to fix issues and increase stability and performance.


There has been a lot of code cleanup and refinement into the far reaches of Photos. Most of it is not user-visible, but you might notice that almost all of the dialogs have been cleaned up and made more consistent with the rest of the elementary apps thanks to being moved to Granite.MessageDialog.

New colored sliders for tint and temperature in Photos


UI improvements across the board make it look cleaner and be able to tile down to smaller sizes. And we’re using that new inline tabbar style introduced in the stylesheet across all three color schemes.

Code with the new inline tabbar style in light and dark styles


Manipulating displays in System Settings is more reliable and more accurate. Rotation now matches physical device orientation instead of the way the system will rotate; basically, it better matches the real world as you would expect which should make it easier to arrange multi-display configurations. We also fixed a crash with certain external displays that were not reporting the expected data.

Panel & Indicators

The Panel now adapts properly to windows on multiple displays, only going opaque when the window is on the same display, and dragging on the panel to unmaximize or un-tile apps works properly on HiDPI.


Keyboard input methods are better integrated. We’re shipping IBus out of the box, and have linked to it in Language & Region System Settings to make it easier for users to set up alternate input methods.


Being a second beta release, the rest of these fixes and changes aren’t that major, but are pretty scattered about. In this release:


I want to reiterate that if you are not an app developer or a highly technical user that you should not download and run this pre-release image. It is not for production environments. And while we do our best to make the update process smooth, you will likely not have as good of an experience updating from Beta as installing the final release.



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