A day at Elements

Written by: Bo

On February 6th, two 15-year old VWO high school students visited Elements to see what happens at the company during a day. One of the students, Bo, wrote this report about their visit.


I was given the opportunity to spend my day at Elements Interactive and interview many different people that work there. I experienced a full day at Elements.

I had an interview with Barbara and Wouter. Barbara told me that the company started over twenty years ago by Danny and Wouter, working from their homes. Because of the great need of developers, the company was forced to hire people from all over the world. Some people from the warmer countries left fast because of the weather in the Netherlands so Elements opened another office in Barcelona to keep their employees happy and warm. I think that this is a great benefit and if I were to be a foreigner I would be very happy with this choice. Elements expect to be twice its current size in ten years, because of the market growth. Elements is a very flexible company.

The impact on the environment is very small because all the company uses is energy for computers and their space. They are reducing their impact even more by using solar panels and LED light. I personally find this very important and I’m happy that Elements feels the same. The company has a very cosy and relaxing atmosphere. I really liked it there.

We Riot and Easygrow

We Riot and Easygrow are two side projects of Elements. We Riot is an IoT company which strives to make artificial intelligence forecasts based on collected data. Their product is aimed at companies or people with a lot of data to use the platform. I really like the company because AI appeals to me. It is a method of doing things with maximum comfort and efficiency.

Easygrow is a platform to watch and control your crops using an app. The system uses sensors to detect and communicate and the farmer can see all the data on his phone. Easygrow is working from a container to manage the crops and control the environment even better. The container will save many space because they can be stacked horizontally. The product is aimed at urban farmers because it wouldn’t be profitable for regular families. Yet another benefit is that you can make sure that there are no chemicals used which makes the food safer.

Tiny house

At the end of the day we visited Elements’ tiny house. Building tiny houses isn’t really a project of Elements, Elements bought one.

The concept is to make a house with a very small footprint. The houses are tiny, just enough for one or two persons and are built for low cost and a small footprint. My opinion is that this is a great development in society, especially in the Netherlands. The world is overpopulating and this is a beginning of an idea to fix this problem. Elements uses their tiny house to house foreign employees until they find a home. This benefits not only the environment but also the comfort the employees of Elements have.

We also could spend some time playing arcade games in the Elements cafe and we enjoyed that a lot.

To wrap it up, I had a great day and I thank Elements for having us there.

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Originally published at www.elements.nl on March 12, 2018.