The Things Network Flevoland July 2017 meetup

Last Monday night Elements hosted a meetup of The Things Network Flevoland, the TTN chapter for the Flevoland province run by non-profit organization Omnia Connexa Flevo. The foundation’s goal is to promote innovation in the area of IoT networks in the province.

At the meetup the board members gave a quick update on the current situation. The foundation has begun installing LoRa gateways across Flevoland, starting in the city of Almere. No less than ten LoRa gateways have been purchased and the board members have been quite busy the past few months with signing agreements for installing LoRa equipment on several rooftop locations and working with the tax authorities.

Currently a couple of gateways are already in place and working (one of them on Elements’ rooftop). A few other potential locations were discussed: the Goede Rede church tower in Almere-Haven and the Alticom tower in Lelystad. The plan of course is to have province-wide LoRa coverage in the next coming months.

After the LoRa update, Valerie Bos of the EDBA gave a short presentation on Health & Innovation: Using IoT to make the city smarter and healthier. She gave a few examples on the subject: a moving classroom for workouts during learning and smart playgrounds. In October ideas and innovations will be presented at the Dutch Agri Food Week 2017.

After the presentations the evening concluded with one-on-one discussions, demonstrations and pizza.

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Originally published at on July 4, 2017.