8 ways to get rid of spring fatigue and increase activity

8 ways to get rid of spring fatigue and increase activity
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What happens in the body in the spring? How to help him activate his metabolism, become more cheerful, and lose extra pounds?

The state of winter stiffness does not let you go: increased drowsiness, constant fatigue, lethargy, it is difficult to concentrate and force yourself to move. Sometimes this condition is called spring apathy.

The overall energy level decreases, but the appetite can grow. The weight does not go away, despite the efforts made. How to stimulate the “tired” thyroid and restore metabolism?

#1. Will vitamins help?

Modern vitamin complexes are enriched with minerals and adaptogens to stimulate metabolic processes. They can give a temporary surge of strength, but they cannot solve the problem of a “tired” thyroid.

Taking vitamin complexes without a diagnosis of vitamin and mineral deficiency and a medical appointment is not recommended. A prolonged state of increased fatigue and apathy requires a careful and thorough diagnosis.

An increased spring appetite or craving for sweets may be the result of a deficiency of one element — very often iodine or zinc. By consuming large doses of various vitamins and trace elements, you can disrupt the complex balance of their assimilation.

#2. Taking care of the thyroid gland

The thyroid gland is extremely sensitive to biorhythm disorders: wakefulness in the dark, the night work schedule, and lack of sleep. The ideal way to help her is to restore her biorhythms. This is to perform soft gymnastics after waking up.

For activation and metabolism, it is not necessary to exercise long and hard, perform complex exercises and go to the fitness room. 10–15 minutes of soft movements are enough for the neck and spine, stretching (stretching) after waking up. The blood supply in the neck and spine improves, thereby stimulating the thyroid gland.

Taking care of the thyroid gland
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#3. Restorative sleep