Are you using Stories for your business?

You probably should and this is how you can.

Instagram stories are awesome. They are short lived, micro-content that drive engagement, build awareness and even create leads.

If you haven’t or don’t know how to make most out of this new feature, we have just the thing for it.

Get Elephant Social.

After our successful ALPHA launch at Gitex 2017, we went back to the drawing board and developed 5 new features, and one of them is Live! Stories.

Here’s a short story that serves as a quick example.

You are Bob the Baker, so is your instagram page. You want to use the stories feature but you don’t know what to add there. Once you get elephant social, you get the latest, funniest, best content related to bakeries/baking across the world. All you have to do it hit ‘share on stories’, add anything if you want like text or emojis and done!

Your followers get informative, fun content from around the world for the exact reason they liked your page… a shared insterest in baked goodies.

Give your followers more than advertisements, give them content that matters to them.

Elephant Social caters to over 18+ industries and this is just one the features offered. Follows us on instagram to see all of them and how you can have full, engaging content strategy in 2018.

Everyone wins!