Social Media is dead, Long Live Social Media!

With the gradual demise of organic reach, the kingdom of content has a new king.

Photo by Luiz Hanfilaque on Unsplash

Biggest advice to SMEs:

“Your content can make or break your brand it. Making sure you post content relevant to your customers every day is essential.”

We all know digital marketing is essential to a business’ success, but no one started their company to be a social media expert. As a lone wolf in the digital space you are put up against an overload of competing content and constantly revised algorithms for search results. Either you invest a year or two in learning the endless jargon of social media marketing or hire an expensive agency to create superficial, generalized industry-based content, diluting your USP.

Omer Rana, CEO says:

“We want to put the power of a global agency in the pocket of SME’s to help them compete at a local and global level but without the costs.”

Towards the end of 2017, Elephant Social launched and completely changed the game. Any revolution sparks fear and the app’s potential was so groundbreaking in it implications, that Elephant Social’s introduction to the masses had to witness a few road blocks.

As CEO Omer Rana recalled:

“In the early days, we were meeting companies looking for local partners, when we refused to explain how we made the algorithms large agencies kicked us out of their offices!”

So, what exactly does this 15MB app do that powerful agencies are either in awe or fear of its capabilities?

Elephant Social let’s a SME upload or take a picture and describe it through the Emotos Panel (a emotional intelligence computing system). The app then suggests relevant, intelligent content with trending hashtag options. No, it’s not suggested articles or videos you can re-post or re-tweet. It is fresh, innovative, unique content tailored for your brand.

World’s First ‘Creative Content’ Suggestion Tool
“Automation at this level of content suggestion is on its way to ending oligopolies of digital agencies.”

A platform like Elephant Social marks the beginning of a new era for digital content marketing. It facilitates a link between user intention and content generation. The app has successfully introduced automation to the world of content and ensured that digital marketing continues to be economical, efficient and competitive.

With high demand for fast information consumption, Elephant Social is making the biggest leap in human history on how information is supplied. We exist in a world where time is of the essence. In the business world, as information piles on information, we need to greatly reduce the time in devising content strategies while exterminating any human error in the creation of social-media posts.

It’s time for change. It’s time for the next leap. Elephant social is available on Play Store and App Store as of today. Get your subscription and be part of the change.