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5 min readJul 5, 2023



The greatly anticipate utility NFTs for Elephant Money are now live! To recap, Elephant Money is simply the first global decentralized community bank of its kind. It is a permissionless system for economic inclusion and helps its community accumulate wealth through active and passive cash flows.

We now are proud to introduce Elephant Money Unlimited! Unlimited is the one and only official NFT collection for Elephant Money. The Unlimited collection mints at 1 BNB per NFT and that price doubles every 10K mints. You can stake one or more Unlimited NFTs to earn a share of 1% of the ELEPHANT Treasury, paid out as ELEPHANT. Minting a rare BLACK NFT entitles you to free access to Elephant Money real world events. Unlimited NFTs are a great way to earn long term hassle free rewards that scale with the success of the Elephant Money community.

This is the rarest Elephant Money Unlimited NFT in existence

Minting, Staking, and Marketplace: ONLY AT ELEPHANT.MONEY

You can mint, stake, and buy/sell Unlimited NFTs only at https://elephant.money Details will be released soon and until then you can checkout these helpful links:

The first off the collection


Update 1, 7/4/23 — The Community OTC mint performed by Bankteller has been performed and access for BT has been revoked. The mintOTC function will also revoke under all conditions.

Once the current tokenId passes OTC_MAX (1K) the OTC distribution is complete and can never be run again

Update 2, 7/5/23 — Why should BERTHA get all the fun. After much consideration it’s time to let the REFLECTIONS flow!!! The NFTMinter, which will run forever, will not be whitelisted. This means that when NFT holders mint, 10% of those funds will be used to build liquidity and pay all ELEPHANT holders! Now is never a better time to buy and hold ELEPHANT!!!

Update 3, 7/12/23 — Minting and staking are LIVE !!!!!

Update 4, 7/15/23 — UI/UX improvements and bulk functionality added. You now have the ability transfer an NFT to an address from your wallet. In addition you can bulk stake / unstake all. The card viewer is now more responsive on mobile.

Update 5, 7/16/23 — Quick browse is now implemented for your NFT enjoyment / pleasure!!!!

Quick Browse makes it easy to flip through collection on desktop and mobile in a single responsive experience. This unified experience will enable effcient listing and sale of NFTs as we continue to grow adoption of Elephant Money.

In addition, NFT OTC distribution to the founder /custody / voluteers will be happening in the next 24 hours. We want to thank you all for everything YOU do to make the HERD great. Custody will be distributing 1 FREE NFT every week to the HERD during our weekly Twitterspaces, 11am EST on Wednesdays for the next two years.

In the coming weeks the NFT marketplace will make its debut. Stay tuned for details.

Update 6, 7/19/23 — Congratulations to all of our Elephant Money contributors and the BNB Martian volunteer teams!!! Bulk Transfer works and over 520+ NFTs have been distributed, worth over $125K!!!

Our custom bulk sender works like a charm. It even has a “dry run” mode as seen above


Update 7, 7/21/23 — BUSD value for NFTs across UNLIMITED!!! We wanted to make sure everyone understands that their NFT purchase isn’t a sunk cost. The mint value doubles every 10K mints and resale can be achieved on OpenSea and in the internal marketplace!

Anywhere in the app where the unit is “NFTS” a BUSD equivalent price will also be displayed!


Update 8, 7/25/23 — Bulk minting is LIVE! The system does several checks against your BNB balance to make sure you can mint at least 1 NFT from your request at the current price. If the round increments and price doubles during your bulk mint, the system will mint what it can and return a refund of any remaining balance that was sent for the bulk mint.

Displays BNB in your wallet and an estimated cost of your bulk mint

Update 9, 8/10/23 — Onchain Rarity Calculations are here! Unlimited NFTs now have rarity scores! The higher the score, the more rare and potentially valuable the NFT is for resale. Rarities will fluctuate as we mint more NFTs. This information is all stored on the BNB Chain. In addition the HSL color code is also exposed so you know what the true color is of your NFT. We do one better by also calculating the distance between the color of your NFT and the 120 box set of Crayola Crayon colors for reference. This allows you to classify and value your NFT. Collect all 120 colors TODAY!!!

Color, HSL, and Rarity information is now exposed to better price Unlimited NFTs

Update 10, 8/25/23 — The Elephant Money Unlimited Marketplace is LIVE!!! We have now launched out built in marketplace for EMU. Holders can list NFTs at an automated 10% discount to minting to provide discounted liquidity for those looking to increase their NFT holdings. The marketplace is the safest, most time efficient way to trade NFTs. If a buyer meets minimum criteria to purchase an NFT a tx will always complete with two outcomes:

  • the transaction will collect 90% of the current mint price and transfer the NFT to the buyer; logging the tx details
  • the transaction will return the BNB to the buyer and log an unsuccessful tx

The marketplace uses the same streamlined / mobile friendly UI/UX of the current Unlimited implementation. To improve fairness and usability, you can only buy one NFT at a time. Enjoy!!!

Same easy to use UI to manage your marketplace listing and browse the marketplace.