This desolate beach.

Lying beneath a sky, all black and bruised, and bent over a brooding sea.

Pebbles rubbling along the water’s edge.

My chest heaves, an unexpected welling catches me.

Knees sinking, the stones clatter from my pockets.

I hadn’t noticed her.

Such a little sound.

An urgent rub against my leg.

She alone, unwanted, needy.

An eternity passed that I had set foot upon this beach so sure…

I had arrived, relief awash.

Touching stones with a knowing that they had lain in patient wait.

This was to be their time, and mine.

There would be no more

The racking anguish, endless gasping, paralysing despair.

No more nights alone with horrors past. No more.

My eternity beckoned, my home in the universe.

I had arisen with weighty deliberation, stony passengers grating.

Reaching down and I touch her gently.

She presses her head against my hand.

She circles purring softly, gently touching. Seeking comfort.

My heart offers up its tearful offering

And our murmurings drift across the waves.

I look at the sea. Not today.