Your Familia is Important for Success

Felipe Bohorquez
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5 min readDec 15, 2021


What is Success to You?

Have you ever attempted to define success? And what does success mean to you?

The majority of people feel that success is something we can achieve on our own, without any help. Our society is deeply focused on the individual with a strong focus on individualistic values. That is why we heard how x person did this, or y person accomplish that. While no individual is an island, we often neglect their environment or even their family as attributes to their success.

While most individuals believe that successful people are those who gain a good reputation, good work, or are insanely rich. Is money a recipe for success? Facundo Cabral puts it beautifully:

"Juan Comodoro,
looking for water…
found immense riches of oil ;
but he died of thirst"

And one of my favorite quotes, by Confucius in the Analects goes like this:

"To put the world in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must first put the family in order; to put the family in order; we must first cultivate our personal life; we must first set our hearts right. It is not possible for one to teach others who cannot teach his own family."

We want to achieve success and achieve recognition in the world. But do we have our interpersonal and family relations in the right place? If Jeff Bezos didn’t receive the financial help by his parents (Miguel and Jackie) would he be as successful as he is today?

As a result, what is true success, and what is the most important thing that contributes to our success?

If there’s family beside you to celebrate your wins (and losses) — then you’re a success.

What role does family play in being successful?

People's achievement is influenced by societal elements such as education and surroundings. Family support is the most important aspect in people's success because family is the first place where they learn and provide economic and emotional support.

Family is the smallest social group and it is also the first group of people who teach you about the essentials of life. Hence, one can't deny that a person's first learning environment in this world is their family, and that makes it one of the most important aspects that helps people succeed.

They, for example, teach you about life's norms and values, as well as what is right and wrong. Also, the family is an institution that has a role in shaping the personalities of children from the moment they are born. You get your morals from them.

In addition, the family always trains and guides the children in terms of personal values and social behaviour and all members have a considerable impact on one another. To sum up, the family is the first institution that helps family members improve their schooling and social lives.

Family also has a function in determining family members' status, such as nationality, religion, and belief. The support of your family can aid you in the development of strong interpersonal interactions. Values, attitudes, beliefs, faith, and even culture that children are taught and fostered by their families, for example, can help children have a positive outlook on social life. It also creates an environment that promotes learning at home as well as at school.

In a different light, family support provides us with both financial and emotional support.

Family - A Pillar of Support

Many people feel that economic and emotional support are common functions in today’s households, and that these functions lead to children’s achievement. To begin with, the economic structures of society are built on the foundation of family.

The economic functions of a family are critical to the success of children. Parents' financial support broadens children's educational and social chances. For example, a family may support a child's education, including tuition and learning materials, as well as food, clothing, and medicine for family members, as they are significant factors and essential provisions for life and subsistence.

Imagine the life of a child born without a family. He will either keep shifting from one foster home to another or end up on the streets, homeless. Will that be a very supportive environment for him to become successful?

Another one of the most important aspects that motivate people to attain their goals is emotional support from family. Family members who are surrounded by love and warmth are more likely to be happy and close to one another. And only a happy mind is capable of spewing brilliant ideas. Parental love for children is crucial since it can push youngsters to be more daring and inspire them to work hard in future performances that they wish to undertake.

Many experts and individuals agreed that family support can assist alleviate stress and provide protective security in the lives of children.

When youngsters, for example, have experienced emotional breakdown, they may seek help from their family to manage their difficulties, as well as develop mutual understanding. In the vast majority of cases, for people who don’t have moral support, it is quite difficult for them to flourish in life.

To Sum Up ✍🏽

Family is the initial institution for people's learning, as well as a source of financial and emotional support. Hence, family love and devotion, as well as family inspiration, can urge people to be successful in their lives; additionally, people achieve their objectives and succeed in their lives since family is a vital part in people's success.

Familial connection and intimacy, rather than societal support, are the factors that contribute to people's success. As a result, it is unsurprising, and we cannot deny, that the foundations of success are attributable to family support.

It is true that we are born to a family and is not always perfect. In the absence of a solid family structure, a friend or even a teacher can become your family in the truest sense.

We might also become separate of our family due to conflict or even professional opportunities. However, don't wait to see your loved ones or amend bonds, or wait for that one time once a year to see them. Every day is a special occasion to make that connection. With today's technology, your family is just a call / text away.

No matter who or how you define your family, having it and nourishing is truly a blessing. Have it as a key part of your support mechanism.

With your familia you can achieve your goals. They will support you in the strongest storm. With your family besides you, después de la tempestad vendrá la calma.