When coding meets research

Learning to code in a different language you’re not familiar with is always a very interesting journey. All programming languages have things in common, approaches and structures that can be easily learned. However, there are always little details that challenge the developer when learning a new language. The importance of making good decisions and taking the right path from the beggining, leads to unlocking the potential of the programming language and avoiding unnecessary obstacles in the future.

Puzzle Coding

Developing a new application, especially one that has to be written in an unfamiliar programming language, can be seen as a puzzle. At first, you get the big picture about the purpose of the app, and then the process of developing becomes, in fact, something similar to solving a puzzle. You have an idea about where each piece may fit, but not all of them. Facing new problems when the coding language is not yet well known to the programmer, can sometimes be very tedious.


Going back in time, when internet blogs and communities on the internet didn’t exist, developers would find the information they needed to start coding in books. If they were lucky, someone would explain them the basics to start off. Nowadays, coding has become more of a global collaborative task. Not only the developer gets help from his or her co-workers, but also from many people around the world who write down and share possible solutions to common problems that developers come across frequently.

These solutions, or “jigsaw pieces” of the whole puzzle can be found somewhere on the Internet. You just need the tools to be able to find what you’re looking for. In fact, it is very common to find grateful comments between users in collaborative platforms. For example, when one user has helped another one with a particular issue, you can find comments such as:

“YEAH that works!. Thx you saved my day ☺”


Coding is a creative experience, and finding solutions to solve different problems has the personal approach or “point of view” of the professional who is in charge of getting the task done. Arriving to an optimal solution is a process of research, mostly when the coding language is not well known by the developer. Here’s when coding meets research, the developer now becomes a “Reveloper”, which is an interesting mix between researching and developing.

“Research is creating new knowledge” — Neil Armstrong

Whenever a problem is encountered, it’s very important to understand what is not working properly, summarize it and look it up on the Internet. Actually, proper research is just as important as knowing how to implement a solution. Out there, there’s a high probability that someone’s already had the same problem and that other people have already helped to fix it.In conclusion, if you are a good researcher, you might find a correct solution providing that you know what to look for. Otherwise, you might as well get stuck for some time. Doing precise research and being able to put together different pieces of information saves time.

So don’t forget, coding is just like a puzzle where research is a basic factor to map out your strategy and solve the challenge!