Salesforce Apex Utilities

Many times, we came across such scenarios, where we need to use Apex standard APIs like Schema or Describe, and we end up searching the code on the Internet.

Here is a class called ApexUtilities, that you can deploy in your org and use it whenever needed. The class had All the bulkified versions of all methods too. Also, add new methods in it, if required.

Here is the summary of what it has:

Fields Methods

  1. Get All Fields of an object

2. Get All Fields of an object in a Namespace

3. Get All Custom Fields of an Object

4. Get All Fields of required Type

5. Get All Standard Fields of an object

And Many more…!!!

Object Methods

  1. Get object name by a Salesforce ID

2. Get all Parent Objects of an Object

3. Get all child objects of an Object

And Many more…!!!



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