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The Image of Perfection?

I always thought perfection is something we all should chase, But can you even be perfect? What does perfection even mean? Could you describe it for me? What Does it look like? Shit…How does it smell? Does it even have one?

Seriously Though. How does it smell? People say things about perfection all the time. There is a multitude of things that we describe as perfect. Like the phrase “That Smells Perfect!” or “She’s so perfect” or “This is the Perfect Day”. What baffles me is that majority of us can easily describe so many things, places,and people as perfect, but we’re least likely to call ourselves exactly that.



Your Thoughts: “Well, No Nobody’s Perfect…..”

Me: Who said so?

People say that no one is perfect. I mean this is something that we’ve been told again and again. But again, I ask you, what is Perfection? Where did this concept come from and why does it have to be separate from you or me or any human being for that matter?

According to Oxford, Perfection — is the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects. It can also be used to describe a person or thing perceived as the embodiment of perfection. An example would be the sentence:

“I am told that she is perfection itself”.

And according to the second definition, even perfection is described using the word perfection….

We all have an idea of perfection that stems from the greater whole of society but is mostly likely constructed based on an individuals life or experience and beliefs. What is the perfect look? What is the perfect job? What is the perfect house? That depends on whats perfect for you, right? Because that is what YOU BELIEVE to be perfect. And perception is reality. For pretty much all us, perfection is something that we’ve been told to reach for OVER and OVER.

According to humans, no one can be perfect. Only God can be perfect…Right? At-least, that’s what we’ve been told since we were young. Images of perfection have been fed to us by our parents, by our peers, by mass media, etc. The only image majority of us hesitate to deem perfect is ourselves.

“……of the drama you suffer in your personal life is the result of believing in lies, mainly about yourself. And the first lie you believe is you are not: You are not the way you should be, you are not good enough, you are not perfect. We are born perfect, we grow up perfect, and we will die perfect, because only perfection exists. But the big lie is that you are not perfect, that nobody is perfect. So you start to search for an image of perfection that you can never become. You will never reach perfection in that way because that image is false. It’s a lie, but you invest your faith in that lie, and then you build a whole structure of lies to support it.

Don Miguel Ruiz, The Voice of Knowledge

From my experience, I’ve learned that we we’re made in the image of God. After reading The Voice of Knowledge by Don Miguel Ruiz, I considered this a huge contradiction from US. Again, we all have some image of perfection. Majority of us will also agree that the only being that is perfect is God. But, we were made in God’s Image or the Image of God. I want to emphasize the “Image of God” part. If we were made in the image of God, and God is perfect — Weren't we made in the image of Perfection?

If we come from God, and We Stem From God, Don’t we come from perfection, and stem from perfection?

Everything God does is perfect, and he made us….So….Aren’t we perfect?

Asking For Friend.



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