How I Get my Website Pages and Posts Indexed by Google Within Minutes — SEO Tips

In this article, I will share the shortcut on how to have your website or blog pages and posts indexed by search engines within minutes.

Background story

I started a technology blog back in January 2014. I ran the blog up to 2016 when I decided to focus on something entirely different and closed it down.

The traffic to the website was a steady 300–500 visitors per day.

However, I only had a few affiliate products and Adsense on the site. Since the growth wasn’t something I was impressed with, I decided to abandon the whole thing altogether.

But I learnt a lot from it.

I used to create a post, publish it and then get Google to index the website post or page within 10 minutes.

As I learnt, you don’t need to depend entirely on Google site crawler to have your website indexed. You can do it yourself (manually) and it’s way faster.

Here is what I always do when I have a new page or post up:

First, I am sure you know about Google Webmaster Tools. Sign up, log in and then click this link when you are done.

I always go to that link, submit the url to my new website page or post, and after some 10 minutes, I input the title of the page or post on Google search and I will find it indexed already!

This doesn’t however mean you can skip creating a sitemap.xml for your website. The sitemap is important to help Google/Bing understand the structure of your website.

So, no need to wait ever again. Head over to the link, submit the url of your new page or post and you are done!

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

See you in the next one as we talk about more ways to help your business succeed online.

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