Remote product management: challenges and opportunities

Rian van der Merwe
Aug 14, 2018 · 6 min read

Most importantly, remote work makes it much easier to develop and instill a rhythm of collaboration and focused time for a team.

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In-person time is still important (but maybe not for the reason we think)

The point is that in-person time is extremely important for remote teams. But you don’t need it every day, and the reason you need it is not to get more work done. The reason you need it is to sustain the human relationships that will enable you to get more work done.

Love your tools (and be prepared to do a bit more of the heavy lifting)

It can’t be overstated how important it is for remote teams to love their collaboration tools. If everyone hates the tools, the work will find a way to not get done. You’ll end up blaming “remote culture” and hire an onsite product manager, when the problem lies with crappy tools instead.

Make prioritization and planning a team effort (and embrace the benefits of that)

As product manager my role in the prioritization and project planning process is way more traffic controller than it is decider.


Discussions and reflections on the product management…

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