Best Digital Marketing Blogs 2019

David Page
Mar 29 · 4 min read

by David Page, Digital Marketing Consultant at Elfsight — developer of customizable & coding-free website widgets

Digital Marketing skills are essential for everyone working online. Whether you are a blogger, a website owner, a personal brand, you need to stay up-to-date with digital promotion strategies. Blogs, courses, books, and other learning resources are great sources of inspiration and personal development.

In this article, I’ve compiled a list of the most prominent digital marketing blogs worth subscribing. Each item is supplied with links to the articles worth a read. The list is arranged in no particular order. Please, enjoy!

Top 11 Digital Marketing Blogs to Follow

One of the top SEO and digital marketing blogs on the Net. Best practices, research, how-tos and insights on how to level-up your SEO and online marketing skills.

Learn how to optimize your website’s conversion and performance from Unbounce’s blog.

Copy Hackers is a blog for marketers, copywriters, and others dealing with promotional writing. It is a great resource for those looking to write texts that solve problems, persuade, influence and inspire.

You have surely heard of HubSpot — an inbound marketing and sales software company. Hubspot Blog is a goldmine for those related to marketing, sales, customer service and more. Discover loads of insights, best practices, learning resources, industry trends and other valuable types of content.

Content Marketing Institute is one of the first blogs who highlighted the importance of content marketing in online promotion. Their blog is a hub of marketing trends and best practices.

Discover a wide collection of insights into online marketing, content marketing, social media and more.

A wide range of topics relating to CRO (conversion rate optimization).

A/B Testing is one of the CRO’s approaches. You might want to learn more about it from my recent article:

Created by a New Your Times best-selling author, Neil Patel Blog is one of the best digital marketing blogs. Learn email marketing, content marketing, paid ads and more.

Convince & Convert is a blog created by Jay Baer covering topics from content marketing to conversions. It offers a variety of learning resources including books, podcasts, and blog articles.

As the name suggests, this blog, for the most part, is about content writing and copywriting. Apart from it, Copyblogger also covers content marketing, entrepreneurship, freelance writing and more.

In Ahrefs blog, you’ll find detailed tutorials, case studies, and opinions from marketing practitioners and industry experts. Learn about keyword research, link building, SEO basics, website traffic, SEO tools, outreach and more. They typically publish 1–2 posts per week.


It’s never too late to subscribe to a few blogs, enroll in an offline course and learn a few skills to get new career opportunities. Digital Marketing is rapidly evolving, so you need to stay up-to-date with recent news and trends.

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