Best Practices of Landing Page Optimization

David Page
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7 min readMar 13, 2019

Landing pages are an essential part of any website. They serve the main purpose of any website — they generate leads and convert them into customers. Studies show that leads sent to the dedicated landing pages have a higher rate than those sent to the homepage.

Let’s take a peek at the landing page optimization and find out why it is crucial to the success of your marketing campaigns.

Landing pages vs. Homepages

For many business owners, the question of homepages and landing pages is a tough one. Most often they hear the same things about these two and that complicates the picture. Do you need both of these? How are they different from each other?

What is Homepage?

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A homepage usually meets the following criteria:

  • occupies the root domain (like,
  • gives an overview of the business goals and services,
  • contains links to other important web pages of your website
  • provides its visitors with ways to contact you.

Landing Page

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Landing pages are intended to promote a single action — create an account, sign up to a mailing list, make a purchase, book a demo. Its purpose is to convince visitors to perform the desired action. Unlike homepages, landing pages are not necessarily intended to be permanent parts of the website.

Landing pages are also important tools for tracking, researching, getting to know your customers better. Aside from lead generating, they collect the demographics of your target audience. Your visitors fill out lead-capture forms (a.k.a. conversion forms) sharing some information in exchange for some data, service or some sort of access. Demographics data allow you to set up better targetting for your next marketing campaign. Contact information gives your opportunity to contact…

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