Best Budget Cameras: Choose a Camera that Fits Your Budget

We all want to own a camera to shoot memorable moments of our lives. What an amazing gear this is for present-day adventures. It is one of the most essential items for every traveller, explorer, holidaymaker, camper, hiker, and so on.

A tight budget may keep you from capturing those happy moments. But that should not be the case, since you can settle for the best budget cameras on the market. All you have to do is choose a camera that fits your personal budget.

The choice of budget cameras is huge on today’s market, and not everyone can make the ideal purchasing decision. It is for this reason that we created this guide, to help you pick the most affordable camera among the many the market has to offer.

In this editorial, you will acquire the basics of choosing budget cameras. We will start by introducing you to the most important camera features to take into consideration. Then, we will review three high-performing, budget-friendly cameras that you can buy.What to Consider

It may sound simple to some people, but you may be surprised to find out how challenging it is to choose the ideal budget camera. Individuals with hefty budgets will always go for the high-end cameras because they offer guaranteed performance.

This does not mean that you cannot get a good camera with a tight budget. Choosing is a process, which entails more than one feature. Here are the four important features you need to take into consideration.

Fixed or Interchangeable Lens

You will come across two types of fixed lens cameras: compacts and bridge cameras. Compact models are usually smaller and highly portable. On the other hand, the bridge models are engineered to cover a convenient zoom range.

Point and shoot cameras are the most popular compact models. A point and shoot model is an excellent choice for a lightweight traveller. The advancements in camera technology have made it possible for you to shoot high-quality photos from a compact camera.

Among the best budget cameras, point and shoot are the most affordable. You can get a reliable compact camera for as low as $100. You should not, under any circumstance, undervalue the performance of point and shoot digital cameras.

Point and shoot cameras are ideal for the budget, but there are some significant drawbacks that you should be aware of. Firstly, they do not perform well in low light. Secondly, you will experience lag when pressing the shutter button and when the photo is taken.

The interchangeable cameras consist of DSLRs and mirrorless models, which are the most preferred. With these cameras, you can easily improve picture quality by purchasing a superior lens. This guarantees high-quality photos or videos.

The ability to change the lens allows you to either increase or decrease the angle view depending on the lens you buy. You can also increase the aperture for exceptional low light performance.

When dealing with extremely budget-friendly cameras, you should consider a cheap DSLR over an inexpensive mirrorless camera. DSLRs are known to have a remarkable battery life when compared to mirrorless cameras.

Photo Quality

Expensive or not, photo quality is an extremely important feature for any camera user. You will definitely get a satisfactory image quality boost when you choose a budget camera. However, there are cheap camera models that are not worth the money.

Some people may claim that an inexpensive model may turn out to be a big disappointment. Nonetheless, you may be surprised how a reasonable priced camera can perform excellently. Budget cameras are effective for honing your scouting or recreational skills.

Shutter Speed

For action shooting, you need a camera with outstanding autofocus system, which allows for fast continuous shooting. Basically, you have to make sure that the shutter speed is fast enough to shoot your desired photos.

Make certain you select a camera with a speed that will not blur when capturing still objects. This will effectively avoid camera shake. Always remember that a slower shutter speed is suitable for low light and a faster shutter speed is convenient for a lot of light.

Zoom Ability

This refers to the ability of a camera to zoom in from a distance. Usually, it is measured in mm, which can vary from 18 mm to 300 mm. The wider the range, the more useful the camera can be. The zoom ability in compact cameras is referred to as 2x, 3x, and so on.

This is not directly related to the traditional mm settings; however, it still offers you a pretty good idea of how far you will be able to zoom in. Cameras with a significantly big zoom range will cover all your bases, making them convenient for travelling.

3 Best Budget Cameras on Today’s Market

Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 Camera

Fujifilm Instax Camera is a fun, easy to use wide angle instant camera that is a must have for travelling, parties and get-togethers. This small unit is packed with super features and top performance at a very budget-conscious price tag.

A 95 mm f14 automatic extending lens provides terrific photo quality in two focus zones. The focus zones range from 0.9 to 3 m and 3 m to infinity. The picture size of 62 mm by 99 mm is amazing for this uniquely made compact camera.

The camera is fitted with close-up lens that can capture photos up to 40 cm from the object or subject. This particular lens setting allows you to focus the camera near to the subject for superior shooting. Also, the close-up lens does not affect the aperture of the camera lens.

The camera is incorporated with light and dark control settings, which helps add low and high key effects to the captured photo. The ergonomic design is also fitted with a fill-in flash by flash-on button for easy operation.


  • Two focus zones for superior photo shooting
  • Fill-in flash by flash-on button is easy to operate
  • Automatic extending lens makes zooming easy
  • Light and dark control helps to refine picture quality


  • It only functions with the Fujifilm Instax wide film

Nikon COOLPIX L32 Digital Camera

If you visit online reviews, you will come across endless deliberations on which budget digital camera is the best. You should look no further than the COOLPIX L32 from Nikon. This wide angle camera is certainly compact, but the performance will impress you.

The low price range provides you remarkable design features. You will not give up anything in terms of features when it comes to this camera, as far as the price is concerned. It operates quickly than most digital cameras within similar price range.

If easy, is what you want, then the Nikon COOLPIX L32 is what you need. This camera is engineered around an unpretentious NIKKOR glass lens, which is a state-of-the-art lens that guarantees you high-quality images during the day.

The 5x zoom lens is suitable for all your outdoor shooting from close-up photos to wide angle group pictures. You should not worry about your hands shaking, because the electronic vibration reduction technology will help keep the capturing steady.


  • Wide angle of view offers superior performance
  • 3-inch LCD display offers better viewing
  • Smart portrait system produces top quality pictures and videos
  • Simple menus allow for easy operation


  • Camera may be water-resistant, but not waterproof

GoPro Hero Camera

The GoPro Hero has made our list for one simple reason — it is a high-quality action camera that is available at a budget-friendly price tag. This particular GoPro model is Amazon’s choice. Not to mention that it is the ideal option for an entry level user.

GoPro Hero is your inexpensive solution for superior video shooting. The top-notch footage you will capture with this camera is attributed to its brilliant 720p60 and 1080p30 resolution. Unlike conventional cameras, this model comes with user-friendly modes.

The all-in-one design is waterproof and rugged; therefore, the camera is well-protected from water, sand and dirt. This allows you to use the camera in different settings without worrying about the camera getting damaged.

The GoPro Hero also features diverse photo shooting options, which allow you to conveniently capture your memorable moments. You can take 5MP still pictures to post and share on social media. The camera’s time lapse mode allows you to shoot pictures at an interval of half-second.


  • Small, lightweight, compact and portable design
  • All-in-one design is waterproof and rugged
  • Diverse photo capture allow for superior capturing
  • Built-in touch display for convenience


  • GoPro Hero is not a suitable choice for low light conditions

In Conclusion

The GoPro Hero marks the end of our best budget cameras list. As we have proven in this editorial, you do not need a bigger budget to capture those memorable moments. You just have to choose the ideal model that fits your budget.

If you are new to photo and video capturing, then you need an entry level budget camera. You can choose one of the three reviewed cameras. Did you find this information helpful? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.