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1000 Locations Reached … and we’re not stopping there!

In less than two years since we launched our solution for easy payments with cryptocurrencies, we have hit the four-digit mark: there are now 1053 GoCrypto locations, and GoCrypto is available in 10 countries.

GoCrypto is a result of an amazing development from several locations accepting crypto in our home Slovenia to a fast-growing payment network without borders. The great majority of the stores and service providers with GoCrypto are brick and mortar, making the daily shopping experience super fast with the crypto payment method.

Here are a few interesting facts:

· GoCrypto stands for most products and store categories. Swiss car dealerships, Slovenian supermarkets, Bulgarian hostels, bars on the Croatian seaside, a great soup restaurant in central London — these are just a few highlights that you can find on our list of locations, which can easily be filtered according to the countries or types of stores or services that you are interested in.

· The shopping habits of shoppers through GoCrypto do not really differ from those of fiat users, ranging from many small purchases in the food and drink category to travel and popular electronics.

· GoCrypto currently accepts payments with Elly and the Bitcoin.com Wallet — 10 million users strong.

· Stay tuned — GoCrypto will soon expand to more countries, connecting more users, wallets, cryptocurrencies as well as payment solution providers, cashier systems and merchants along the way.

Are you a merchant looking to accept crypto at your store? Go to GoCrypto.com and find out more!

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