5 quick fixes how to boost sales online

Mar 26 · 2 min read

Online shopping has been experiencing a steady growth for many years, but the recent stay-at-home measures are boosting the already high online sales predictions for this year and the next. With most physical shops unfortunately closed, we are seeing a change in shopping habits overall. Online shopping is a highly recommended way to go, and it is thriving.

The GoCrypto system enables online (and offline) stores to accept cryptocurrencies and receive settlement in their local currency. Here are five reasons why you should consider GoCrypto as an online store owner who is looking to expand their business.

1. Be proactive, but stay on budget

The integration and maintenance of GoCrypto at your store are completely easy. Furthermore, looking to help as many online stores as possible in the current situation, there are no costs for the first 3 months. Afterwards, there is only a low 1.45% transaction fee. That’s it.

2. Do business like you always have

GoCrypto is integrated into all major online platforms with free plug-ins for Magento, osCommerce, CS-Cart, OpenCart, WooCommerce, PrestaShop. We are constantly adding new platforms and there is also a free custom API integration available.

3. Tap into a new customer base

GoCrypto enables your store to accept customers with many different crypto wallets. It supports Elly and the Bitcoin.com Wallet (more coming soon), with over 10 million users in total. They are fast and convenient, which is why they are favoured by many tech enthusiasts. So why not accept them at your store?

4. Use free brand exposure

When you join GoCrypto, your store starts being featured in the Elly wallet and on all the list of locations that accept crypto payments.

5. Complimentary loyalty programme to your buyers

Buyers return to where they feel appreciated and rewarded. Users of the Elly crypto wallet can earn cashback for their every purchase in the form of GoC crypto tokens. They can spend it at any GoCrypto store, so they are likely to come back and spend some more.

No matter what your product is, GoCrypto gives you a chance to connect with new affluent mobile audiences worldwide. It already caters to buyers with over 140,000 different products, covering categories from groceries to jewelry. We are looking forward to welcoming you among our partners. Visit GoCrypto.com to start!

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