Blockchain is what we do and believe in. Eligma founds EligmaLabs and partners with Spartan Solutions

Mar 29, 2019 · 2 min read
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At Eligma, our technological focus is on the best and latest developments, including blockchain. We are certain that blockchain will form an important part of everyone’s daily life quite soon, just like the Internet. We do not only want to be there when it happens, but to be among those creating this reality.

As one of the most eminent blockchain developers in Europe specializing in cryptocurrencies, the Spartan Solutions company has technologically supported numerous blockchain companies and ICOs, which jointly raised more than 100 million USD. It excels at numerous solutions in the field, ranging from ERC-20 token development, migration between blockchains, crypto issuing and distribution, DAO creation and support, etc. Their technical expertise has also resulted in numerous collaborations with Eligma, and recently, in the founding of EligmaLabs.

EligmaLabs is a result of the partnership between Eligma and Spartan Solutions. Apart from developing blockchain technology for Eligma’s in-house needs, we also offer this technology to other companies, and this currently represents our most important source of revenue. We are not only dedicated to blockchain and tech development, however, but also to the awareness raising of the importance of the advantages of this industry. In alliance with this goal, Eligma is the founding member of Cryptonite Ventures, a partner of Amazix and a member of Blockchain Alliance Europe, which bring together some of the world’s most important blockchain thought leaders, give rise to a strong community and contribute to the recognition of blockchain in variety of areas. We are certain that EligmaLabs can play an important role in this, both with its own commerce platform as well as by aiding other companies with their own projects.

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