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CEO Update: Don’t fight the tide, ride it! October, the month of big updates

October was marked by a number of pivots on the Slovenian and other markets. The interest in cryptocurrencies has been rising in the mainstream lately. We therefore feel that the fact that GoCrypto now enables merchants to receive settlement in their local currency or in crypto came at a right moment. At the same time, we are also on our way of enhancing both traditional (card) and new alternative payment methods; for this reason, we entered an important strategic partnership with Lab4Pay and the BTC company.

In Slovenia, the prices of petrol are no longer state-regulated and that presents a challenge for the drivers. At Eligma, we took this as a huge opportunity. We worked day and night to quickly upgrade our Gorenjc cost saving app with an interactive map at natankaj.si, which can be visited independently or within the Gorenjc app; it enables the users to find the cheapest petrol prices nearby as well as the petrol station opening times and directions. Result: Gorenjc was #1 in both App Store and Google Play in the free app category.

All this and much more below!

GoCrypto settlements in local currency and in crypto

Initially, GoCrypto only enabled merchants to receive settlements in their local currency. Now, however, they can choose between the local fiat or any cryptocurrency supported by GoCrypto. To add this feature, the following products were updated:

  • Online merchant onboarding for GoCrypto: the merchant can select the desired settlement currency during the onboarding process;
  • GoCrypto Merchant Dashboard: the merchant can change the settlement currency in this free tool at any moment, and the change applies in the following month. The merchants can withdraw their crypto assets (i.e. BCH, BTC, ETH, GoC, LTC, XTZ or VIB) to an external crypto wallet whenever they wish to;
  • GoCrypto’s internal administrative tool was upgraded as well. It was also furnished with an advanced filtering system and tailor-made user permissions to make the work of the sales and support teams faster and easier.

Strategic partnership with Lab4Pay and BTC

From left to right: Damjan Kralj (BTC), Miha Culiberg (Lab4Pay), Dejan Roljic (Eligma)

One of the biggest issues that merchants face today is not a lack of payment solutions to offer at their point-of-sale, but that this often entails an individual integration time and time again. At Eligma, our mission is to make technology work for people, not vice versa. Our strategic partnership with the companies Lab4Pay and BTC aims to develop a holistic innovation supporting both traditional and the latest payment methods.

Our joint aim is to offer an all-in-one-place solution — a single device that enables merchants to accept both classic and new ways of payment: credit cards, cryptocurrencies, and other solutions that reflect the latest commerce trends. The aim is to upgrade the device up to the point that it not only enables various payment options charging fees to the merchant, but to also provide an option for the merchant to create additional revenue by means of the various integrations offered.

Elly with 3 new currencies

Our latest version of the Elly wallet includes support for LTC, VIB and XTZ. Elly wallet holders can use these currencies as payment at stores as well as easily buy/sell them in the app itself. In order to support these features, Eligma has partnered with and integrated additional online exchanges. Elly now supports the following cryptocurrencies in total: BCH, BTC, ETH, GoC, GoCG, LTC, XTZ and VIB.

New GoCrypto website

You are kindly invited to check out our new website at gocrypto.com. We are looking forward to your feedback!

Major Romanian cashier software providers join GoCrypto

GoCrypto is proud to have welcomed two cashier software providers from Romania this month — MicroERP (1,500 locations) and FiscalNet (10,000 locations). This will enable Romanian merchants to easily accept crypto payments and thus further the use of crypto in the local commerce.

Hardware POS upgrade

The GoCrypto Hardware POS, a handy portable POS terminal that enables stores to accept crypto payments and to easily become a crypto exchange, is now available in two different versions. The first one is holistic (it enables crypto payments as well as buying crypto from customers and selling it to them) and the second one is limited (crypto payments only or crypto buy/sell features only), depending on what an individual merchant desires.

Managing underpaid transactions

All merchant tools (the GoCrypto webPOS, the GoCrypto Hardware POS, the GoCrypto Merchant Dashboard and the e-commerce checkout screen on the user side) obtained a new handy feature related to underpaid transactions for payments with wallets other than Elly. If a user transfers a lower amount of crypto funds than requested (either on purpose, by mistake or if gas was deducted from the set amount), the merchant is transparently informed that the transaction was received but cannot be marked as successful since it was underpaid. The merchant is thus able to inform the buyer what the reason was for the payment not being successful, and the payment status is also recorded in the archives.

Gorenjc is number one

This year, we launched the Gorenjc application. Building on our AI knowledge, this cost-saving app enables you to store your receipts and warranty papers, tracking how much you spend in different product categories so you can bring your spending under control. In this, each stored receipt becomes a ticket that you can use in draw competitions for numerous prizes.

Gorenjc is now furnished with an interactive map, natankaj.si, which you can also use as an independent website. It enables the users to find the cheapest petrol station nearby, and filter the offer by types of petrol and service providers. It also shows you directions and all the opening times so you never drive for petrol in vain.

Currently, we have a big end-of-the-year prize competition going on; you can win an iPhone 12, an electric bike and many other practical goodies. So if you live in Slovenia, it’s worth downloading this highly practical app. You can even land a great prize if you are lucky!

Attending events around the world

We are proud to have been part of two crypto and blockchain events last month. We proudly sponsored the BCH Meet-up at BrewDog Roppongi in Tokyo, Japan. Our CEO Dejan Roljic, however, participated as a key speaker at online Blockchain Evolution — from 2009 to 2020, a Blockchain Alliance Europe event discussing all the hot topics on blockchain.

The crypto beat goes on. So GoCrypto!

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