Discussing 5 frequent arguments: “I want to accept cryptocurrencies at my shop, but…”

Jul 22, 2019 · 3 min read

Attracting customers with new payment options is an important part of business nowadays. Cryptocurrencies are one of the most important payment inventions of the last ten years, but only a low percentage of merchants accepts them so far — especially at physical shops. Let us look at some of their most frequent arguments against accepting cryptocurrencies, and discuss them from a different perspective.

1) Nobody spends crypto nowadays

All economic means have experienced their highs and lows in terms of use, including crypto. But the fact is that, without offer, there can be no demand. If no shops accept crypto, people will not be able to spend it anywhere.

Of course, the use of crypto for purchases needs to be simple both for merchants and their buyers. Elipay enables buyers mobile shopping with different kinds of crypto online and offline; merchants accept crypto through the Elipay POS solution, with free integration and maintenance available.

2) I do not want to have cryptocurrencies

The Elipay system enables you to accept various kinds of cryptocurrencies from your buyers, but you receive your settlement in your local currency (euros, etc.). This can bring you a competitive edge and attract new customers online or offline.

Elipay is currently accepted at more than 370 (mostly physical) locations in several countries; Elipay locations also accept the Bitcoin.com Wallet, with 4 million users worldwide.

3) Cryptocurrencies are an online thing

In the 1950s, nobody could picture the whole world using a little piece of cardboard known as the credit card. Imagine that credit cards would still only be used for offline purchases; that would be inconvenient and unnecessary. Times change!

Just like credit cards, Elipay enables you to accept cryptocurrencies through your existing POS system. Among other advantages, the Elipay POS solution for offline locations enables the use of the mobile phone to accept payments, which is very convenient in direct sales — e.g. at market stalls.

4) I do not have enough technical knowledge to accept crypto

There is a general conviction that a lot of knowledge is necessary to use crypto in any kind of way. Do remember that cryptocurrencies were designed to be the next-generation “electronic cash”; solutions like Elipay have already made crypto a simple payment solution for various kinds of shops and services. Elipay is available in the following formats:

· a free integrated offline POS (offered to merchants by major ERP providers)

· a free web POS solution or

· a free online store POS for major online store platforms; custom API integration is also supported.

Since the settlements you receive with Elipay are in your local currency, there is actually no specialized crypto knowledge necessary.

5) Cryptocurrencies are too slow for my business

This may have been true in the past, but Elipay was specifically developed to enable instant cryptocurrency transactions to shops and service providers. Its speed competes with that of credit cards. More about it in this article.

If you are interested in accepting crypto at your shop or service, GoCrypto and get Elipay now!

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GoCrypto, the easiest way to accept cryptocurrencies at local or online store.


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GoCrypto Blog

GoCrypto, the easiest way to accept cryptocurrencies at local or online store.

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