Eligma Shines on Cryptonite World Tour 2018 in San Francisco

In July 2018, Eligma became a founding partner of Cryptonite Ventures. This exclusive community is dedicated to furthering the international blockchain revolution, bringing together some of the world’s most eminent crypto entrepreneurs, influencers and investors. Its founding partners include companies like Ripple, Draper Associates, Arrington XRP Capital, etc. The good news does not stop here, however − Eligma advisor Ana Lukner Roljic and Eligma CEO Dejan Roljic joined the ranks of Cryptonite Ventures founders while Dejan Roljic also became a thought leader and industry advisor for Cryptonite Labs.

One of the nuclei of Cryptonite’s activity is business visionary, editor and author Tony Perkins. Perkins is a cornerstone of Cryptonite Ventures and the Alchemist blog, and a tech advocate renowned for creating the Red Herring magazine and organizing numerous conferences and Cryptonite events including the 2018 Cryptonite World Tour. The result was a highly dynamic, informative and memorable “salon experience”, as Perkins would put it.

Ana and Dejan with Eligma advisor Hermann Eul, independent board member and investor

The 2018 Cryptonite World Tour took place on 26 and 27 September at beautiful General’s Mansion — Fort Mason in San Francisco. It was designed as a series of pitches and sessions featuring some of the most important trailblazers in the crypto and blockchain domains. Dejan Roljic was able to pitch to a range of eminent visitors and fellow speakers, which included Cory Johnson, Chief Market Strategist at Ripple; George Gilder, economist, inventor and author; Sonny Singh, Chief Commercial Officer at BitPay; Don Ho, Head of Business at Quantstamp; Michael Noel, CEO at Blockchain Consultants and Facilitator/Host at Blockchain Weekly; Mark Friedler, investor, founder of Gigex and Blockchain ICO Trusted Advisor; and Eligma advisors (entrepreneur and Honorary Consul General of the Czech Republic Richard Pivnicka and top executive / angel investor Hermann Eul, PhD) among so many others. Driven by the passion for the blockchain industry, Cryptonite World Tour definitely represents one of the finest events of its kind. The speakers were given extensive support by Tony Perkins and David J. Halvorson, Managing Director at Cryptonite Ventures and Labs, making this a truly unique experience for everyone.

Dejan and Ana with Sonny Singh, Chief Commercial Officer from BitPay, and Honorary Consul General Richard Pivnicka, Eligma advisor

The presentation of the Eligma company and its Elipay and Inventory solutions was met with a highly enthusiastic response, definitely for a very simple reason: as consumers, we all do our shopping on a daily basis, encounter the same typical problems, and agree that things should be improved. Eligma aims to create next-generation commerce features that will not only help people discover and buy products more effectively, but also track what they own and help them sell or give away what they no longer need. The aim is for technology (especially AI and blockchain) to do most of the work — through smart solutions like Eligma’s Inventory. On the other hand, Elipay’s integration of multiple ways of payment (cryptocurrencies, credit and debit cards and loyalty programs) into a single payment app will allow for a lot less “luggage” while shopping and contribute to a pluralist economy catering both to crypto and fiat users. This symbolizes a stepping stone towards a society of mutual support and acceptance, where things circulate a lot more effectively and transparently than they have so far and can also easily acquire a philanthropic dimension.

Ana and Dejan with Cory Johnson, Chief Market Strategist at Ripple, and Tony Perkins from Cryptonite Ventures

The Eligma team would like to take this opportunity to once again thank Cryptonite Ventures and congratulate Tony Perkins, David J. Halvorson and the rest of the team on a great event. We are honored to be part of this story and are certain that our engagement and vision will challenge the mainstream with the very best that the industries of tomorrow have to offer!

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