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Elipay — from a mainstream crypto shopping solution to an all-in-one payment and loyalty app!

The reliability and transparency of blockchain promises to change the economy of tomorrow. The Eligma company aims to contribute to the impressive range of the blockchain-based solutions in commerce. Our mission is not only to make cryptocurrencies a mainstream way of payment that is both easy to use and to accept, but to ultimately integrate all kinds of payment and loyalty solutions into an all-in-one app. We have launched Elipay — a system for easy payments with crypto at online and offline stores and service providers! It consists of a mobile app for users and a solution to simply integrate into the existing POS for merchants. Currently, Elipay is already accepted at nearly 140 locations in Slovenia, and will soon go international. Look for our bright yellow sticker!

Elipay was tested for three months at more than 50 locations, and many of its practical advantages were improved through the feedback of our numerous testing volunteers — Eligma community members with amazing dedication. THANK YOU ALL! So, how does Elipay work as a crypto solution for the ‘non-crypto’ mainstream world?

Elipay users FAQ

· Why use Elipay? Elipay enables the user to shop with crypto from the comfort of the mobile phone. The Elipay mobile app is available in the iOS and Android versions, and can be downloaded free of charge at https://elipay.com/getelipay.

· How do I (Eli)pay and with what currencies? Simply by scanning the QR-code of the purchase at the cashier and confirming the transaction. Elipay currently supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ether, with ERC-20 technology developed as well.

· Is that all? Not for long! Elipay will also integrate credit, debit and loyalty cards as well as loyalty programs into one unique mobile app. It will also offer a universal loyalty program and reward users with ELI tokens.

· What other features does Elipay have? The Elipay system enables one to make simple deposits and immediate transfers to the wallets of other system users as well as to check one’s balance and transaction history.

· Where can I use Elipay? The Elipay app features a list of stores and service providers accepting Elipay, along with their locations, opening times and contact info.

· Does Elipay only show crypto balance? The balance is shown in crypto as well as in the exchange amount in fiat (euros). You can see it on the Balance dashboard, in your transaction history as well as when making a transfer.

Elipay merchants FAQ

· Is Elipay complicated to install? Elipay enables a simple integration into the existing POS system of the merchant or immediate use of the Elipay web POS. There is no additional hardware necessary.

· Do the payment transactions take a long time? The transactions are immediate and they are not possible without a sufficient balance in the buyer’s wallet.

· Does the merchant receive crypto? The Elipay system is designed for merchants to receive payments in fiat (euros). In this way, the merchant does not take any risks connected with crypto market volatility.

· What if the merchant is not familiar with different cryptocurrencies? The type of cryptocurrency for payment is selected by the buyer in the app, so there is no selection necessary on part of the merchant and no mistakes can be made in this connection.

· What if the cash register screen is difficult for the buyer to access and scan the QR code? There is also a fixed QR code available to place in the vicinity of the cash register.

Elipay as an all-in-one payment and loyalty app

The world of shopping is growing fast and so is the variety of payment methods. That is good because it enables shoppers to combine them — e.g. a price reduction from a loyalty card with a credit card payment. However, it also results in a lot of items to put into our wallets and, increasingly, our mobile phones! Mobile phone cases now have credit and banknote slots, and are becoming more and more cluttered. Is this really necessary? Why not include all the kinds of payments into the mobile app? Elipay is about to do just that!

Soon, Elipay will enable integration of credit, debit and loyalty cards as well as loyalty programs into one mobile app. It will also provide a universal loyalty program, within which the users will be rewarded with ELI tokens. With solutions like Elipay, the Eligma company aims to be one of the leaders in both the dawn of token economy and taking the mainstream offline and online shopping experience to a whole new user-friendly level.

Join our vision and our community!

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