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elly POS: one terminal that changes the name of the game, accepts all payment methods and generates additional revenue for the merchant

The traditional POS use is ripe for a revolution. POS devices are expensive, quickly become outdated, and take a big portion of the merchant’s revenue. That is why we have developed elly POS, a revolutionary innovation that combines cards, crypto and other digital payments on one device, and enables merchants to generate extra revenue by using the integrated services.

One terminal, many payment methods, multiple revenue streams.

For the first time, the POS will transform from an obligatory piece of merchant equipment to a device enabling the merchant to enhance their services and revenue. Expand your business, not just the number of tools: meet elly POS.

  • Android-based smart device;
  • quick and easy integration of new payment methods and third-party services generating additional revenue;
  • multiple language selection. All languages ​​of the targeted countries will be supported;
  • standardised original transaction slip printout and copy for all supported payment methods, with digitalised slips following in the future;
  • manual and daily printout of the daily statement of accounts for all payment methods;
  • possibility to cancel of the last payment for all payment methods that support transaction cancellations.

Card, crypto and digital — all in one place

  • all payment methods in one place: credit/debit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Diners Club), crypto payments (GoCrypto) and other digital payments (WeChat, Alipay, mBills…);
  • constant addition of top global and all local digital payment providers. As we are initially expanding in Slovenia, we have added the mBills payment provider, and another one is in the process of integration.
  • a crypto exchange, offer ticket sales or support global loyalty programs.

Capitalise on your margins

  • leverage high-transaction costs with a point-of-sale terminal that will generate revenue to the point of profit through displaying ads;
  • monetise the time it takes for the payment to be processed: filling the otherwise dull screen of pending payment confirmation with an intriguing short ad display generates additional revenue for the merchant.

Stop calling 4 different support teams when there is an issue

  • one support team here to resolve any dilemma;
  • FAQ for the terminal and for each payment method supported;
  • local contact for all payment methods.

Keep a close eye on your business with smart data

  • elly POS Merchant Dashboard: overview and breakdown of all transactions for all payment methods at one’s every store, providing the merchant with an advanced filtering system and the accumulative statistics with enriched payment data. Stay tuned for a detailed Dashboard presentation in a separate article!

elly POS in action

The testing of elly POS in Slovenia is already underway, and we have entered a partnership with SIA for Balkan markets through Lab4Pay. SIA is a European leader in the design, creation and management of technology infrastructures and services for financial institutions, central banks, companies and the public sector in the areas of card and merchant solutions.

The SIA Group offers its services in 50 countries, and is also active through its subsidiaries and branches all over Europe and in South Africa. In 2018, SIA managed 14 billion institutional services transactions, 7.2 billion card transactions, 3 billion payments, 51.7 billion financial transactions and carried 1,204 terabytes of data on the network.

We’re coming to a store near you soon.

The unique value proposition of elly POS

1. Now, merchants will be able to expand their business and increase the revenue flow with elly POS. They will be able to become a crypto exchange, offer ticket sales or support global loyalty programs. Crypto exchange is a project in itself, so it will be the subject of a special report in a few weeks. Stay tuned!

2. Merchants will also be able to create additional revenue through advertising. The 3–5 seconds it takes for the payment to be processed is an excellent opportunity to feature a short add on the POS screen. Advertising space lease will be able to provide an additional revenue stream for the merchant right on their terminal.

3. elly POS enables highly diverse payment methods, but there is no additional training needed for any of them. elly POS is marked by smooth onboarding and simple use, where you just select the payment method and follow the steps of the payment process on the screen. Cards, mobile payments or crypto — no technical knowledge required.

Safety in numbers: Partnerships

You can’t change the world on your own. We need top-notch hardware POS terminals. That is why we have partnered up with the following providers, who are helping us make our vision — an all-in one smart device — a reality.

PAX Technology

One of the fastest-growing electronic payment solution providers in the world, with distribution in 120+ countries and an installed base of over 40 million terminals. PAX is dedicated to offering innovative, cost-effective, and superior quality payment solutions to businesses worldwide.


A global leader on the fintech market, with more than three decades of experience. In October 2020, Ingenico joined Worldline, making them the largest European player in payment services and the 4th largest player worldwide. As certified developers, we are now able to carry out development on their devices.


Since their founding in 2009, they have been developing and manufacturing first-class Android hardware and firmware technology. From handheld barcode scanners to industrial tablets, and ultimately focusing on point-of-service systems such as their best known Smart POS and Comprehensive Payment system. We have already deployed 50+ Ciontek hardware devices in Antigua and Barbuda.

Voyaging to new markets

After its testing in Slovenia, the launch of elly POS is planned to take place in Romania in March. For this purpose, we are already acquiring partners in that country. In order to expand globally, however, we are working on a major partnership with one of the largest acquirers worldwide!

Looking to collaborate with us? Drop your contact and we’ll be sure to give you a call.

We aim for elly POS to be highly competitive with the most convenient prices. Not only will merchants benefit from accepting every payment method with one slick machine, saving major time and stress for both them and employees, they will be able to leverage pesky transaction costs. elly POS offers merchants the unique possibility to generate revenue and reduce their costs through third-party services and advertising.

Despite the growing interest in cryptocurrencies around the world, there are still very few transactions made with crypto in daily shopping. elly POS aims to change this and make crypto an equal payment method to the mainstream ones. Crypto payments will be placed on the same level as ‘classic payments’. We are here to make this happen, increasing the number of crypto-friendly locations day by day.

Partnership with global players in this field will enable us to expand to other targeted countries. The good news is that we are in the final phase of entering a partnership with one of the largest acquirers on the market. We will be able to tell you more in one of the next updates.

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