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Expanding around the world … so, what does it take?

GoCrypto is quickly expanding into a global payment scheme connecting crypto users, crypto wallets and cryptocurrencies with payment and cashier system providers and merchants wishing to accept this payment method.

There are several variables to consider when starting to deploy your brand in other countries. Foreign laws and regulation, accounting and currency rates, cultural differences and communication challenges all need to be taken into account. Today, let’s take a closer look at the latter.

GoCrypto is now present in 13 countries and speaks 11 different languages. As our network expands to new regions, it is crucial that we adjust our communication to provide the best experience for our GoCrypto merchants and Elly wallet users, and to do so, we help ourselves with many different tools in the process. For language localisation, we use Lokalise.

The expansion

The European expansion was the first step towards making GoCrypto the world’s biggest alternative payment infrastructure — offering local and online stores the possibility to accept crypto, but to receive their settlement in their local currency if they wish. With so many different languages in Europe, we quickly faced challenges when expanding past our borders. GoCrypto is now present in Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Romania and the United Kingdom.

Through our partner company Xpay, the GoCrypto network is also present in Venezuela, Colombia and Argentina at nearly 200 locations. Not only does crypto represent a useful alternative to high-inflation local currency in Venezuela, but a fast and reliable payment method that provides the merchants with an additional payment option for their customers in all the three countries.

The localisation

So with an expansion to so many different markets, we saw our company’s customer base grow significantly. As we were entering new countries, we had to speak their language. Lokalise, our localisation optimization tool, helped us a lot during this process. They have recently published an in-depth case study, where we talked about the challenges we faced when working on so many different languages in various products.

Go read how we managed to not go completely mad in a case study published by Lokalise.

Needless to say, our language work will continue as we prepare our products for new markets. Number 13 is not where we are stopping. Our mission is to encourage the use of crypto as a highly convenient payment option throughout the world!

Join our vision and our community!

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