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Frequently asked questions about Eligma’s public crowdsale

With our public crowdsale just two days away, we wanted to make the process as smooth as possible. We have collected some of the most frequently asked questions from our different social media channels in one place.

1. When does the public crowdsale start and end?

Our public crowdsale starts 17 April 2018 at 11:00 UTC and ends 8 May 2018 at 11:00 UTC (or until all tokens are sold out).

2. Am I too late to pass the KYC process for the public crowdsale?

No, the KYC process will be open until our public crowdsale is finished.

3. How do I register for the public crowdsale?

Visit https://kyc.eligma.io/kyc-individuals to complete the KYC process and whitelist your address.

4. If I already passed the KYC process for any of the presale phases, do I have to pass it again for the public crowdsale phase?

No, you only need to pass the KYC process once for all phases. The only exception is if you want ELI tokens sent to a different wallet address. In that case you need to repeat the KYC process with a new email and a new wallet address with which you will participate.

5. How many ELI tokens will be available during the public crowdsale and what is the hard cap?

During the public crowdsale there will be 84 million ELI tokens plus all the unsold tokens from the previous phases available. We have set the hard cap at 34,180 ETH.

6. What are the minimum and maximum contribution?

Minimum possible contribution: 0.1 ETH.

Maximum possible contribution: Our public crowdsale will be carried out in two steps. For the first three hours, we will set a low maximum contribution of 10 ETH to assure that as many of our supporters as possible will be able to obtain at least a small number of tokens with the highest bonus of 8 % (please see all the available bonuses below). If a contributor sends an ETH contribution in one or more transactions that exceeds the maximum set amount, the exceeding amount in ETH, reduced by a transaction fee (gas), will be returned to his wallet. After the first three hours, we will remove the maximum contribution limit until the end of our public crowdsale.

7. Are there any bonuses in the public crowdsale?

Yes, they are broken down like this:

1. 8 % of additional tokens for the first 20 million ELI tokens,

2. 6 % of additional tokens for the second 20 million ELI tokens,

3. 4 % of additional tokens for the third 20 million ELI tokens,

4. 2 % of additional tokens for the fourth 20 million ELI tokens.

5. 0 % for the remaining number of tokens.

8. Can I participate with any other cryptocurrency or only with ETH?

ELI is offered only in exchange for ETH contributions.

9. What should I set the transaction gas limit to?

Please set the gas limit to 250,000. Unused portion will be returned back to your wallet.

10. Which wallets can be used to participate in the public crowdsale?

Please do not use online exchange wallets to send ETH, as you might not be able to receive ELI tokens to those addresses and your tokens will be lost. ELI is an ETH based ERC-20 standard token and participants must use compatible private ETH wallets, such as myetherwallet (MEW). If you are interested in using any other wallets, please check directly with that wallet provider to prevent any potential issues.

11. Can I use the same individualized wallet address to deposit ETH for the public crowdsale as I used for presale?

No. We will use a public ETH address for the public crowdsale phase. We will send this address to everyone who completed our KYC process already. Every potential supporter that completes a new KYC process will also receive an e-mail with the public ETH address for contributions.

12. How many tokens will I get if I invest 1 ETH?

We have locked the ETH exchange rate at 800 $ on April 10th, therefore you will receive:

1 ETH * 800 $ = 800 $

Price of 1 ELI token is 0.1 USD

800 $ / 0.1 USD= 8,000 ELI tokens

8,000 ELI + 8 % public crowdsale bonus for the first 20 million ELI tokens = 8,000 ELI + (8,000 * 0.08) ELI = 8,640 ELI tokens

8,000 ELI + 6 % public crowdsale bonus for the second 20 million ELI tokens = 8,000 ELI + (8,000 * 0.06) ELI = 8,480 ELI tokens

8,000 ELI + 4 % public crowdsale bonus for the third 20 million ELI tokens = 8,000 ELI + (8,000 * 0.04) ELI = 8,320 ELI tokens

8,000 ELI + 2 % public crowdsale bonus for the fourth 20 million ELI tokens = 8,000 ELI + (8,000 * 0.02) ELI = 8,160 ELI tokens

8,000 ELI + 0 % public crowdsale bonus for the rest of ELI tokens = 8,000 ELI tokens

13. When will I be able to transfer tokens after the public crowdsale ends?

When we receive your ETH contribution, you will immediately get your ELI tokens. They will be locked for the remainder of the public crowdsale and a short confirmation period, in which we will check if the token distribution in all phases executed correctly. After successful validation of the process, all tokens will be unlocked and become transferable.

14. I have successfully contributed funds, but can’t see ELI tokens in my wallet. What can I do?

The number of tokens in your wallet might not be shown immediately. If that is the case, here is an example what to do if you are using MyEtherWallet (for other wallets, please contact their support): select the “Show All Tokens” button and find the ELI tokens by scrolling down the list. Select “Click to Load ELI”.

If the token balance is still not shown, select “Add Custom Token” and enter the information shown below:

Enter “0xc7c03b8a3fc5719066e185ea616e87b88eba44a3” in the “Token Contract Address” field.

Enter “ELI” in the “Token Symbol” field.

Enter “18” in the “Decimals” field.

15. How much was raised in the presale phases?

We raised 14,550 ETH in both presale phases.

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