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November 2020 CEO Update: If something works, share it! GoCrypto spreads crypto and blockchain advantages in the EU and beyond

The interest in crypto and blockchain continues to increase around the world. We are proud to be part of this amazing technology ever since we started. Our efforts were recently highlighted by the mention in EU Blockchain Ecosystem Developments, issued at the initiative of the European Commission. The number of GoCrypto locations, where you can pay with crypto wallets, continues to rise globally; last month, we marked 40 locations in Antigua and Barbuda. In line with the growing crypto interest, we also updated the Elly wallet and increased the daily crypto exchange limit in Elly to the 1000€ value equivalent.

Meanwhile, Gorenjc, our cost-saving app, continues to be highly popular in Slovenia with an increasing number of scanned receipts added; we are constantly improving the user experience — through the big end-of-the-year prize competition, a brand new referral function and a fresh partnership with the Ana’s Little Star charity. All this and much more below.

Growing the GoCrypto Payment Network

The interest in GoCrypto, our system that enables merchants to accept crypto wallet payments, is clearly on the rise in the mainstream. Last month, the GoCrypto Payment Network marked as many as 40 merchant locations in Antigua and Barbuda — among them a petrol station, which is the very first one to join GoCrypto.

Meanwhile, over here in Europe, we received a proud message about one of GoCrypto locations in Croatia — a car dealership that had just sold its first “crypto car”. Congratulations! Another proof that crypto is becoming an established payment method.

elly POS well in development

The creation of elly POS, a holistic hardware POS developed within our strategic partnership with Lab4Pay and the BTC company, is well underway.

The aim of the elly POS terminal is to enable merchants to accept traditional (card) as well as alternative (crypto) and other mobile payments with a single integration. Not only will this enable merchants to expand their customer base by adding millions of crypto wallet users and other next-gen payment enthusiasts, but also to increase their revenue through various additional services.

Last month, the elly POS Dashboard (providing the merchant with a complete overview of all payments made at any of their stores as well as with easy data export for accounting or tax purposes) was developed and its testing initiated. elly POS will foreseeably be released in December 2020.

Eligma in EU Blockchain Ecosystem Developments

We are proud that our efforts in the crypto and blockchain industries have been receiving international attention. The latest recognition is a mention in EU Blockchain Ecosystem Developments, a thematic report prepared by the European Union Blockchain Observatory and Forum at the initiative of the European Commission, which analyses the status of the blockchain industry in each individual EU member state and also mentions the most notable blockchain companies there. We were highlighted in the Slovenian section.

GoCrypto website goes bilingual

The GoCrypto website is now available in English and Slovenian. We are looking forward to the feedback of the GoCrypto community, so go to our website and let us know what you think!

Elly increases the exchange limit

Elly, the first all-in-one crypto wallet, brings more crypto goodies in its latest update. You are now able to buy or sell BCH, BTC, ETH, GoC, LTC, VIB or XTZ in the total daily amount of the 1,000 EUR value equivalent!

Happy shopping and don’t forget: every time you pay with cryptocurrencies, Elly rewards you with an automatic ‘cashback’ in GoC tokens.

Plenty is up with the Gorenjc app

The popularity of Gorenjc — a cost-saving app that enables expense tracking by means of scanned receipts, holds your loyalty cards and guarantees, and leads you to the cheapest petrol station nearby, is increasing. Every scanned receipt also becomes a ticket with which the user can enter prize competitions. We launched the latest competition on 1 November 2020; as the end-of-the-year one, it is the biggest to date.

We also furnished Gorenjc with the referral function, in which users can earn extra tickets for recommending the app to others.

The Gorenjc app has also acquired a charity dimension. Last month, we partnered with the Ana’s Little Star charity. This non-profit organization runs without money, is 100% transparent and operates in the free time of its volunteers. Our first joint charity campaign starts on 1 December 2020. In collaboration with Žito, one of the most well-known food producers in Slovenia, we wish to make December a magical time of the year also for those less fortunate among us. We aim to donate traditional Slovenian Christmas cakes to as many families as possible, with kind help of the Gorenjc app users.

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