Soft POS: Transform any phone into your POS terminal

Feb 19 · 3 min read

Would you like to accept cards but can not because the POS hardware is too expensive? Are its purchases and lease contracts something that you would like to avoid? Does your business require a lot of physical mobility that makes any heavy equipment impossible to use? SMEs — self-employed entrepreneurs, delivery services, taxis, catering, we keep you in mind! The development of software POS’s is one of the biggest technological revolutions in the recent years. It aims to solve the challenging issue of the hardware POS distribution process as a whole, including the delivery, maintenance and support.

Do you want to accelerate your mobility? Keep reading. We are developing Soft POS, a solution that combines all the attractive features of various hardware POS’s out there, all on your mobile device.

Soft POS puts small businesses first

We understand that your business field can change within a day, and that many SMEs combine several completely different business activities at once. For this reason, the Soft POS multi-payment solution can be used on any smart device. Here are the perks:

  • transform your mobile phone into a contactless POS terminal without additional hardware,
  • use a full set of payment features in just one app. Download in a minute and take payments in seconds (cards, digital, cryptocurrency),
  • view all payments in one place regardless of the payment method.

Say no to heavy costs — and heavy equipment.

In these efast-changing times, buying or renting POS hardware can be challenging for SMEs.

POS hardware may be too heavy or impractical for effective operation in serving, at stalls, for taxis and so on. Soft POS, will be able to benefit from the following advantages:

  • use your own smart device instead of buying or leasing or leasing expensive POS hardware,
  • no monthly hardware POS rental costs,
  • reduce your equipment maintenance expenses,
  • minimize the time it takes to start using the solution with a fully digitalized onboarding,
  • quick and easy product updates.

Let your payment terminal earn you extra income!

Expand your business and earn additional revenue. You will be able to earn money through services provided to your customers through third-party apps, such as event ticket sales, loyalty programs, a crypto exchange offering your customers the option to buy and sell cryptocurrency, etc. Add to the flexibility of your business and save precious time for the customer as a one-stop-shop!

Regardless how many different types of business activities you offer, keep an eye on all your payments in one place.

All Soft POS users will have access to the free Merchant Dashboard; not only will it enable you to view the payments at any time and accept them 24/7; it is our vision that it will ultimately become a tool through which you will be able to control your entire financial flow.

We are in the process of signing an agreement with one of the biggest payment providers, which will greatly accelerate the development of this technology. We are looking forward to announcing this partnership very soon!

Are you a SME looking to freshen up your payment offer and attract new customers? Turn your phone into your POS! Contact us.

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