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Stay strong.

Dear Eligma partners and community members,

Today was the first day that a large portion of our team worked from home.

We have taken precautionary measures to fight the COVID-19 virus. Our highest commitment is to the health of our colleagues and those in our midst. In this, we also remain committed to continuously offer high-quality service to our customers, who use our products on a daily basis. Be it at local stores or when shopping online.

Rest assured that our services will go on uninterrupted. We will be available to you through our business contacts and social media as we have always been. Nothing changes here. GoCrypto remains fully operational and is expanding into new markets as planned, directly and through partnerships with local cashier and payment solution providers.

We have found ourselves in an unprecedented global situation of a scale that the world has never seen, but with our collaboration as a global community, with connected technology, we can brave it together.

If you need us, we are always here for you. Please take care of your health and wellbeing, and if you should go shopping, pay contactless with GoCrypto — it is much faster and safer that way. Otherwise, please #StayAtHome.

Dejan Roljic,

Eligma CEO

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