Use the Wallet at all Elipay locations!

May 31, 2019 · 2 min read
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Great news — due to Eligma’s partnership with, Elipay locations can now potentially look forward to millions of new customers! The Wallet has recently celebrated 4 million wallets created, and their users can now shop with them at all locations with Elipay in Slovenia and Croatia.

This means that all Wallet fans can now conveniently use it at more than 300 Elipay locations — from coastline and mountain hotels to grocery stores, hairdressers, taxis and entertainment venues. The number of locations is constantly growing and soon, we are planning an expansion to a number of new countries.

Eligma’s mission is to create solutions that make a difference at the mainstream level. By partnering with, we hope to combine the best of both worlds; buyers at Elipay locations can choose between the regulatory advantages of the custodial Elipay wallet (requiring KYC) or opt for the non-custodial Wallet instead.

Less than a year after entering the market, Elipay is available in two countries — and counting. With a holistic system that includes a mobile application for users and a POS solution (web-based, ERP integrated, online shop plug-ins) for merchants, it enables immediate payments with cryptocurrencies. In this, the merchants receive the settlement in their local currency, avoiding any risks related to crypto volatility.

Accepting both Elipay and the Wallet is a wonderful opportunity for Elipay locations. Due to Elipay, Slovenia is now the country with the highest number of crypto-friendly brick-and-mortar locations in the world, and we hope that Croatia and other countries will become just as prominent with this latest technological upgrade. Stay tuned for more!

Here are all the locations where you can pay with the Wallet and with Elipay!

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