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Why is Elly POS a revolution for merchants? Here are 5 reasons!

Our times are marked by fast technological progress and fierce competition. For merchants, this means that their businesses need to be flexible and offer an excellent customer experience without breaking the bank with the operation costs. Elly POS was created to make all this possible. Here is what makes Elly POS a merchant revolution!

1. Less hardware

Leasing or buying a piece of hardware, traditionally known for hefty prices, can be a considerable business risk these days. Furthermore, accepting different payment methods has traditionally meant having to get not one, but a few payment hardware items. Elly POS changes this upside down. It namely lets you accept both traditional payments (e.g. cards) as well as mobile/digital payments including cryptocurrencies on one single device — a true novelty in the world of payments.

2. Smooth checkout process

Due to the current conditions, smooth sales traffic at physical stores is more important than ever as the customers are not willing to wait around in lines. This makes contactless payments an ideal way of payment. Use the fact that most of your customers have smartphones and wish to use them for payment without carrying an extra purse for change or cards. With the wireless and portable Elly POS device, you can practically make a sale as soon as a customer selects the product on the shelf!

3. Diverse payment methods

With Elly POS, the customer can truly select the payment method of their choice: debit/credit cards, mobile/digital payments and of course the new-generation ways of payment like cryptocurrencies. A great advantage is that new payment methods are added constantly into Elly POS without the merchant having to acquire additional machines to accept them like they did before.

4. Simple use

Using a range of hardware items is usually connected with staff training, which becomes an issue every time a new staff member is employed. Elly POS can come with an integrated cash register for more convenience.The use of Elly POS is very simple regardless of what payment method the customer selects; your staff simply follows the instructions on the screen. This saves the merchant plenty of time — and time is money.

5. Easy transaction management

Effective business calls for effective book-keeping. Elly POS comes with a free Merchant Dashboard — a tool that lets you view all your transactions in one place regardless of the payment method used, analyse the payment data and export it for your taxes or for your accountant. Based on the smart data provided to you by Elly POS, you can effectively adjust your sales strategy and react to the market changes as and when you need to!

Whether you are a small, medium-sized or big merchant, Elly POS can effectively meet your business needs. Contact us and get your Elly POS today, or visit our website!



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