Understanding Goal 4 From a Teacher’s Perspective

I am lucky enough to have a former teacher be apart of my family. My aunt, Amy Shellman, worked at a Buffalo Public School for six years and Wyndham Lawn for three before she decided to pursue becoming a nurse. I interviewed her on her experience as a teacher in both schools and on what she thinks are the barriers blocking the path of quality education for all.

My aunt described her time at a Buffalo Public School as a little distressing. The school resided in the heart of Buffalo and was in a poorer part of the city. She says, “many of the students didn’t care and neither did their parents.” She explains that at every parent teacher meeting only one parent, or none, showed up. They were not concerned about how their child was doing in school. The students were not much better. She states, “Assignments were turned in late all the time or not at all and there was just no way of motivating them.” Students didn’t believe in a good education and therefore did not put in any effort.

When asked about what she believed was the barrier to a quality education in the school she taught at, she replied with perspective and motivation. She believed that the students were never taught that education was important by their parents and went on to do badly in school because of that. They did not have any motivation to do well because it was thought that school was not needed or a big deal. She thinks that if parents were to stress how important learning is and actually take part in their child’s school life, then the students could receive a better education.

I asked what she believed to be the biggest barrier overall concerning obstacles to a quality education. Her response was money. She said that, “the United States government does not provide enough funding to many schools and in other countries, their government simply can’t afford it.” In other words, everywhere can improve when it comes to quality education for all, and also funding is a key part of students receiving that. There needs to be more money allocated for creating better schools across the globe.

I am very fortunate to have someone so close to me provide some insight on this topic. It was very interesting to hear the perspective of someone who was in this industry.



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