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Get the full overview of the books that inspired us to think, feel and understand culture and collaboration 2.0.

Rasmus Noah Hansen
Oct 21, 2020 · 5 min read

A big driver for starting eliot, was being able to design our own “work-life” — where one big focus area was to spend much more time on our own learning and development.

Over the last decade or so we’ve been reading books of various topics, ranging from creativity and innovation to leadership and self-development to group dynamics and neuroscience to organisational design and management theory.

Below you’ll find all of the books inspired us in one way or another — hopefully, you will find some that might inspire you as well. We’ve divided the books into 7 categories:

  • Organisational Design & Self-Managing Systems
  • Organisational Culture & Belonging
  • Creating Healthy and Effective Teams
  • Applied Neuroscience & Psychology
  • Effective Communication & Collaboration
  • Leadership and Personal Development
  • Facilitation and Process Design
  • Danish Books
  • Other Inspirational Reading

Instead of writing reviews on every single book, I’ve marked them to give you a quick overview differentiating the ones we like from the ones we love.

** Great
*** Must Read

PS. Support your local book shop — don’t buy from Amazon!

Organisational Design & Self-Managing Systems

Over the last decade or two, many thinkers and leaders have been exploring new ways of designing and structuring organisations to become more resilient and innovative. Even though there’s never a one size fits all when it comes to organisations, these books may inspire you to think differently about designing and structuring your organisations.

**Holacracy, by Brian J. Robertson

***Reinventing Organizations, by Frederic Laloux

***Brave New Work, by Aaron Dignan

**Corporate Rebels, by Joost Minnaar & Pim De Morree

*Emergent Strategy, by Adrienne Maree Brown

**Measure What Matters, by John Doerr

Still on the shelf to be read

Self-management, by Astrid Vermeer & Ben Wenting

Beyond Empowerment, by Doug Kirkpatrick

The Fifth Discipline, by Peter M. Senge

Thinking in Systems, by Donella H. Meadows

Organisational Culture & Belonging

As a follow up on Org. Design & Self-managing teams we thought it would be fitting to have a full section on Culture & Belonging that differentiates in focusing more on the Mindset and how people relate to and feel engaged in your organisation. A little less hands-on, but still with tons of great cases and examples from inspiring companies all around the world.

*How Google Works, by Eric Schmidt

**Beyond Measure, by Margaret Heffernan

*Team of Teams, by Stanley A. McChrystal

*Creativity Inc., by Ed Catmull

Still on the shelf to be read

Humanocracy, by Gary Hamel

The Progress Principle, by Teresa Amabile & Steven Kramer

Work Rules, by Laszlo Bock

An Everyone Culture, by Robert Kegan & Lisa Laskow Lahey

Adapt, by Tim Harford

Exponential Organisations, by Salim Ismail

Essential Management, by First Round

Six Simple Rules, by Yves Moriex & Peter Tollman

Creating Healthy and Effective Teams

We are truly fascinated by teams and how to create healthy and effective teams — for many reasons. The best work gets done by teams, we are mostly affected by the people we work closest with, and if we structure our organisations into nimble and self-managing teams, there’s no obstacle that’s too big to tackle.

*Creating Intelligent Teams, by Anne Rød and Marita Fridjhon

***Creating Effective Teams, by Susan A. Wheelan

*The Fearless Organisation, by Amy Edmonson

*The 4 stages of Psychological Safety, by Timothy R. Clark

*The Culture Code, by Daniel Coyle

Applied Neuroscience & Psychology

Over the last couple of years, Social Cognitive Neuroscience has been an interest of ours and that means reading as much as possible about it! If you’re curious to understand how our brains affect our performance at work, our ability to collaborate with others, and how we make decisions, this topic is definitely something for you!

***Your Brain at Work, by David Rock

**Social: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Connect, by Matthew Lieberman

*The Leading Brain, by Friederike Fabritius

*The Emotional Brain, by Joseph LeDoux

***Thinking Fast and Slow, by Daniel Kahneman

***Mindwise, by Nicholas Epley

*Behave, by Robert Sapolsky

Effective Communication & Collaboration

Being able to communicate effectively with other people is one of the most crucial skills than any professional can have. Being able to intentionally listen and ask great questions, to give and receive feedback, and how to effectively solve conflicts are the keys to both innovation, resilience, and deep relationships with trust.

**Leading with Questions, by Michael J. Marquardt

*A More Beautiful Question, by Warren Berger

**Nonviolent Communication, by Marshall B. Rosenberg

*The Feedback Imperative, by Anna Carrol

Still on the shelf to be read

Radical Candor, by Kim Scott

Thanks for the feedback, by Douglas Stone & Sheila Heen

Leadership and Personal Development

If you stack all leadership books on each other, they could probably reach the moon and back. We believe that leadership is not something that for the few in power, but something that all people in your organisations should think about.

*The Mind of the Leader, by Rasmus Hougaard

*Co-Active Leadership, by Karen and Henry Kimsey-House

*Make Time, by Jake Knapp

Still on the shelf to be read

Deep Work, by Cal Newport

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey

Facilitation and Process Design

Being able to effectively lead people from A to B is a key aspect of the work we do at eliot. We help teams collaborate better and get more work done through facilitation and process design whether the format is workshops, meetings, team development sessions, kick-offs, retrospective, feedback sessions etc. (you get the point).

**The Art of Facilitation, by Dale Hunter

**Gamestorming, by Sunni Brown

*Sprint, by Jake Knapp

Still on the shelf to be read

Rituals for Work, by Kursat Ozenc & Margaret Hagan

Danish books

For our danish friends, we’ve also gathered a few of the danish books that we can recommend!

**Jytte fra Marketing er desværre gået for idag, by Morten Münster

*Pseudoarbejde, by Dennis Nørmark

*Effektive Sammen, by Trine Kolding

**Livsfarlig Ledelse, by Christian Ørsted

Still on the shelf to be read

Fatale Forandringer, by Christian Ørsted

Jytte Vender Tilbage, by Morten Münster

Other Inspirational Reading

All of the books that don’t fit into any of the categories above.

*Let My People Go Surfing, by Yvon Chouinard

**The Power of Moments, by Chip & Dan Heath

*Start with Why, by Simon Sinek

*The Infinite Game, by Simon Sinek

If you have any books you want to tip about, we’d be super happy if you could write a comment below the article or reach out directly on LinkedIn!

Happy reading 📚

eliot is an org. culture agency on a mission to improve life at work. If you’re curious to know more about how we can work together, drop us an email at or head to our website

eliot is an organisational culture agency on a mission to improve lives at work.

If you want a culture where your teams are effective, healthy, and resilient, you need to stop talking culture and start doing culture. eliot helps you start doing the things you say you want to do. We implement, teach, and develop the methods, rituals, and shared beliefs need

Rasmus Noah Hansen

Written by

Org. Designer and Co-Founder at eliot.

If you want a culture where your teams are effective, healthy, and resilient, you need to stop talking culture and start doing culture. eliot helps you start doing the things you say you want to do. We implement, teach, and develop the methods, rituals, and shared beliefs need

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