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Introducing the Elipsa API Sandbox

Outlier Detection and Advanced Analytics through easy to use REST APIs

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In continuing to make access to AI insights simpler, faster, and more flexible, we have created the Elipsa API Sandbox.

Machine Learning APIs

Users will be able to access a series of our APIs for free to build and test predictive solutions.

Easily add predictive maintenance capabilities to your asset, generate advanced insights from GPS data, or aggregate and transform your data all through simple-to-use REST APIs.

To get started with a free access key click here.

We will continue to expand on our API endpoints continuing our mission to make AI more approachable and easier to implement. Currently, our API capabilities can be broken into the following categories:

Automated Machine Learning APIs

  • Self-Training Deployment Templates: Scale predictive maintenance and outlier detection across a fleet of assets
  • Individual Model Generation: Monitor a single asset
  • Historical Outlier Analysis: Analyze historical logs or datasets to identify outliers

Advanced Analytics

  • Geospatial Analysis: Convert raw GPS coordinate data into aggregated trips and idle periods to extract insights about how your assets are moving.
  • Data Aggregation: Perform statistical analysis to better understand your data
  • Data Transformation: Perform common Data Science data transformation without the need for advanced coding

Elipsa Edge Analytics

  • AI and Advanced Analytics on the edge. A containerized version of Elipsa with the same API-based approach for ease of use and scalability.

Make your applications more intelligent with Elipsa APIs. Get started today!




Elipsa’s self-training AI models and no-code deployments enable intelligent IoT applications via easy-to-use APIs on the edge or in the cloud. From predictive maintenance to asset monitoring, Elipsa is simple, fast, and flexible.

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