How To Maximize Your Advertising Budget

Ad spending can be one of the biggest pitfalls for any business.

And I don’t mean spending too much (you can never REALLY do that),

I mean, not keeping your ads accountable to worthwhile results.

The late Claude Hopkins said it best, in Scientific Advertising,

He described ads as your “salesmanship in print” or your “salesmanship multiplied”.

What he meant by this was that when you hire a salesman, they have a finite amount of people they can reach everyday — but your ads can reach as many people as you’re willing to send them to.

Now, this is a double edge sword.

In one way, it’s an amazing gift to be able to “multiply” your salesman…

But if that salesman (or ad) is no good — then it can be a horrible curse (and waste of money).

So, how to you keep it a blessing and protect yourself from the curse?

It’s all about accountability.

Your ads should have the same kind of accountability as your average salesman does.

If your salesman continually brought you no business, would you fire him?
Would you at least retrain him?

The same should be for your ads.

You have an amazing ability to reach hundreds, and even thousands, of prospects — but it won’t matter if your salesman (or ad) is ineffective.

Before you pour endless amounts of cash into your ads
Before you start new campaigns in hope that they’ll bring more business.

Start tracking EVERYTHING. And I mean EVERYTHING.

Build your own ThunderDome where two ads enter and only one leaves.

By properly tracking your ads and seeing the results they bring, you’ll be able to cut wasteful spending and better focus your energy on what’s working — which will end in (you guessed it) better margins, and more profits.

Just a two examples of ways you can track an ad are:

  • A different phone number for each ad to know how many calls each ad receives
  • A different url for each ad (completely different domain, not simply an extension)

Yes, tracking costs time and money, but it’s it worth $20 to find out how well your $1,000 ad budget is doing? A little money spent in tracking will save you thousands in poorly spent advertising.

ps / Jumping headfirst into a project like this can be daunting. If you’re wanting some professional help, just reach out to me at and we’ll see if we’ll be a good fit to work together.