Revolutionize Your Ads, Step-By-Step… Part 2

Getting You Massive Results

In last week’s post, we covered how to properly focus in on your specific “Audience”. If you missed that post, you need to go back and read it. To build effective ads, you have to do these steps in order. So, if you haven’t already, so check out that post here.

After you’ve sufficiently narrowed in on your target market, it’s time to prepare your advertising “Bait”.

The Importance Of Advertising Bait

Most ads, websites, business cards, and general business information is what we call “me too” marketing. All they tend to say is “name, rank and serial number.”

Rather than pulling your prospects towards you as the one they need to do business with, this type of selling merely says that you are one of many options for them to choose from.

In contrast, advertising that brings a response, will always have a “bait”. Something that pulls in your ideal prospects and brings some type of specific response.

(As you may have noticed, to be able to create an ad that will speak to a person and create a response requires that you have a very good idea of who you are targeting. This is why you have to know your audience, before you try to create your bait.)

Since the general goal of bait is to bring a response, your bait can take endless forms.

Types of Bait

Your ads can include any number of bait options for your audience to take, but there’s a few classic ones that have proven to bring good responses:

  • Coupons — what better way to get a response than to offer a slight discount if your prospect acts quickly?
  • Free Information Via Phone — educational based marketing is a huge opportunity for most businesses. Having an automated phone line for people to call into and get free information is a great way to get a prospects contact information while also showing them that you want to truly help them make a wise decision.
  • Bundle Offers — rather than simply offering a discount, by offering a bundled price, they are “saving” money, while you are receiving more bottom line profits because your hard costs go down when bundling services.

Which Bait To Use

Using a classically successful bait isn’t merely enough — you must use the correct bait for your audience (again, you MUST know your audience before starting this process).

It’s just like fishing, you use different bait for different fish.

To choose the correct bait, you must answer this question:

“What Does My Audience Care About?”

When you answer that question, you’ll find your bait.

Maybe your ideal client cares about…

  • Staying healthy so that they can enjoy life with their kids
  • Having more free time with their family
  • Being able to buy the newest gadgets
  • Mastering specific hobbies
  • The list goes on…

Once you’ve figured out what your audience cares about, you can create a bait that will bring a response.

Quick Story

A funny, and true, example was a company whose ideal client were insurance agents, so they wanted to created a bait that would reach them. Since many insurance agents golf, they created a free report titled “How you can automate your insurance agency so you can go and play more golf.” They got a great response because the bait met the specific needs of their ideal clients.

What is your bait?

You’ve hopefully started brainstorming your ideal bait, and if not, you should take time to do so.

Next Week…

We’ll finish up this short series by talking about the final step in effective advertising: Channel.

Make sure you don’t miss it.

Need help?

If you are feeling overwhelmed by this process, and want your business to grow faster, then lets talk about getting you some professional help. You can schedule a strategy session with the link below in order to get a jump start and revolutionize your advertising.