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Elispace: the NFTs marketplace branded Elite is coming (and get to know us live at CEM 2022)

Are you an NFTs enthusiast? Discover all the benefits and earning possibilities of our incoming product aggregator, and get to know all the opportunities of our ecosystem at Crypto Expo Milano 2022.

Are you an NFTs enthusiast?
Among the many platforms and services available to our community, a key role will be taken by Elispace, the NFTs Marketplace of our ecosystem that will soon be active. Let’s go together to discover its characteristics and advantages.

All the NFTs in our ecosystem at your disposal

In the vision of the Elite token project, Elispace will be the marketplace of the Elite universe, an aggregator designed with the aim of improving the user experience of our community on platforms such as Elisium and Runiverse.

With the token $Elite in fact you can access at many products, including the NFTs digital content of the courses, masterclass training and experiences with the VIPs of Elisium, a platform with a wide catalog of products, where thanks to our exclusive training courses it will be possible to learn new knowledge and skills.

On Elispace you can also buy the NFTs of Runiverse, our innovative prediction game where users, through their “Runners” effectively perform short operations, betting cryptocurrencies, against each other, based on their market performance and within periods of 30 seconds.

An additional opportunity to make money

All $Elite token holders have the opportunity to purchase the NFTs of our projects, but also to gain from them.

For those who want to invest in the NFT associated with the content of Elisium, there will be the opportunity to earn each time a percentage on sales of a certain course or one of the many experiences with VIPs available (above all: Alessandro Del Piero, Carlo Cracco, the artists of the Lucca Summer Festival, and many others).

With Runiverse instead, our users have access to 3 different types of NFTs that allow not only to enhance your character, but above all to get profit, and classified in:

  • Class A: allow NFT holders to receive 3% of each run or play that is made and are those with the highest value and are intended for investors;
  • Class B: refer to specific skins and the player receives each time he uses the 1% and is connected to a token, it is also intended for investors;
  • Class C: are purely cosmetic (eg the character’s ballet at the end of the ride or clothing it).

Get to know us live and join the Elite community!

The Crypto Expo Milano 2022 is one of the most influential Italian conferences dedicated to the adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, ecosystems of defi, NFT, Metaverse and Web 3.0.

During 4 days, in Milan, it will host over 2000 participants, dozens of sponsors, influencers, speakers, community users and media partners from all over the world.

An exceptional event that brings together the brightest minds, game changers, creators, regulators and crypto enthusiasts along with business professionals, investors and industry leaders in blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Elite is among the sponsors of the event but in addition to being present with a stand, on the main stage of the CEM among the speakers of the event, will be present our Giampietro Cutrino, founder of Runiverse and head of the blockchain department of Elite.

Giampietro will give a speech on June 25th, 2022, don’t miss it: it will be a fantastic opportunity to discover all the main news, advantages and opportunities related to the Blockchain world of our project, directly live!

In the meantime, what are you waiting for?

Get your key to access the Elite ecosystem and join our community to become part of a project that grows day by day.

Find all the info here: https://www.elite-token.com



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