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Runiverse: you start with an exclusive launch tournament!

From July 15th, on the occasion of the debut of the innovative prediction game ecosystem Elite there will be the opportunity to register for the Runiverse Cup, a tournament full of extraordinary prizes.

In the previous weeks we had already talked about Runiverse, the new gameplay of the Elite universe, presenting all its main features.

But now, by virtue of the launch of the Runiverse Cup, the first official tournament, to which you can register from July 15th, we go to deepen its rules of play, prizes and especially how to invest in the platform to earn.

How to play Runiverse?

Within Runiverse, each user chooses the “runner” (his character of the game) with whom he will challenge other players running in real time based on the performance of the token market (data Binance and QuickSwap).

You can then bet on a particular cryptocurrency (someone’s NFT Runner) and get a reward if they win or, if you are the holder of an NFT Runner, you can get a percentage of the races won by the cryptocurrency represented by your NFT (we will see this later).

In the game there will be two modes:

  • Random opponent: The user connects via Metamask, chooses the coin that he believes will have the best performance on the market in the next 30 seconds, pays the equivalent of $5 in that coin and challenges a random opponent who will compete with another token.
  • Invite a friend: same logic, you can invite a friend and decide the stakes (no more $5, but how much you want)

The runners, as mentioned before, will run fast or less fast according to the real trend of his coins and the fastest runner (consequently The token with the best performance) wins and recovers their Coins + 95% of the tokens of the opponent, while the remaining 5% is divided among NFTs holders.

Invest to earn money

Being a play-to-earn game, with Runiverse you can decide to invest on NFTs with the possibility of earning.

Players will be able to buy NFT that are divided into 3 models:

  • NFT track: allow NFT holders to receive 3% of each run or play that is made and are those with the highest value and are intended for investors;
  • NFT skin: refer to specific skin is the player receives every time he uses the 1% and is connected to a token, it is also intended for investors;
  • Other types of NFTs: are purely cosmetic (e.g. the character’s ballet at the end of the ride or clothing it).

Runiverse Cup: sign up for the first tournament!

Starting July 15th, there will be the opportunity to register to participate in the Runiverse Cup.

Simply fill in the form below to register for the tournament. The competition will take place in 8 steps in 5 days, reaching the final 1 vs 1, in which the winner will withdraw the prize of 300 usdt.

From the 5th step onwards the tournament will be broadcast live streaming on Twitch by a pro gamer, who will comment on the whole challenge and entertain the audience, which in turn can comment on the challenges.

So what are you waiting for?

Subscribe to the Runiverse Cup by filling in the form that you will find below (just a few seconds): https://forms.gle/ddpDJsmmB1adJUQZ6

To learn more about our innovative prediction game, visit: https://www.runiverse.org/



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