CCRB To Launch Their Unique Crypto Pay App — Our CCRB review detailing their progress so far!

Opening a host of opportunities for Cryptocurrency users the new CCRB app allows them to Shop, Earn, Trade, and benefit from the exclusive CCRB High Internal Value! Here’s a quick CCRB review analysing how this new progress will help all CCRB and crypto users.

CCRB, a U.K based blockchain project, that became increasingly popular amongst a vast majority of cryptocurrency users worldwide right after the launch of their CCRB tokens last year, has announced to launch their much awaited Crypto Carbon App in the very first week of August.

Their new CryptoCarbon App is particularly designed to make it easier for all crypto users and CCRB token holders. CCRB users will now be able to make purchases across multiple partner outlets that offer a range of products and services with exciting rewards and exclusive “Cryptoback” using the advanced CCRB App. Following their launch last year CCRB already got an overwhelming response as their ecosystem provided users with an opportunity to benefit from their spendings, because of the unique High Internal Value of the CCRB tokens on the platform. A number of cashback offered by various partner outlets came as a bonus for the token holders.

What is CCRB?

CCRB is a unique cryptocurrency developed to redefine shopping using the blockchain technology. It is an advanced digital currency based on the Bitcoin 2.0 protocol which makes it ultra secure. While most cryptocurrencies have limited use, often restricted to a particular service or product on their platform, CCRB has managed to create a massive network. The CCRB tokens can be used for purchasing a range of products and services including flight tickets, mobile recharge, digital services, dining, purchasing merchandise and much more. It can also be used for peer to peer fund transfer and can be exchanged for other popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoins and Ethereum. Currently, the CCRB tokens can be used to make purchases from about 35,000 CCRB partner outlets. Moreover, these outlets have exciting offers for CCRB users; also the users get more with their spendings because of the High Internal Value of CCRB tokens on the platform.

How users get more with CCRB’s High Internal Value?

The High Internal value is a unique feature of the CCRB tokens which allows users to benefit from their spendings across the CCRB platform and associated Network. Once a user purchases CCRB tokens at a given market rate the estimated value of the tokens on the CCRB platform is automatically higher by a significant percentage. The High Internal Value works on a simple but well-organized mechanism. The value of the tokens purchased is usually an average 4X the market rate or a fixed baseline whichever is higher.

The merchants and partner outlets offer exclusive rewards, discounts, and cash back for purchase made with CCRB tokens. While they benefit from getting more customers and by developing their brand, the difference between the market price and the High Internal Value is subsequently covered by them. This means that users get more for their digital assets when they use CCRB tokens instead of any other currency including fiat currencies. The expanding network adds to the benefits, and as the ecosystem grows the value of CCRB tokens increase. This also makes the tokens more secure from Market Volatility which is one of the biggest nightmares of any cryptocurrency user.

Is CCRB’s network large enough to support user requirements?

The Network is constantly evolving and since its inception, it has come a long way through, thanks to the clear and easy-to-follow concepts driving the CCRB ecosystem. As of today, CCRB tokens can be used across 35,000 outlets from all over the world. Users can make payments with CCRB tokens, earn rewards and benefits from the purchase of thousands of different products and services. And, these are not exclusive products; most of them you might have already been using or would have purchased at a higher price instead. CCRB redefines shopping and they are able to do so because of the advanced blockchain technology and their patent “Proof of Spending” protocol. Moreover, you always have an option to trade or exchange CCRB tokens with the currency of your choice.

Save and Earn as you spend

One can get CCRB tokens from popular crypto exchanges and currently, they are already listed with 5 different exchanges. CCRB tokens can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies but the best part is the exclusive rewards and Cryptoback which lets you earn CCRB tokens as you spend them or use them across the platform.

The upcoming CCRB APP, to be launched tentatively on August 1 is yet another milestone in the process of further developing the ecosystem to make it easier for all crypto users enabling them to earn, shop, and trade right from their smartphones. The UI and UX look stunning, as today they also released the early images of what the upcoming app will look like. The users will be able to explore a wide variety of products and services available and earn CCRB tokens with every purchase while keeping a track of their spendings.

CCRB review

Shopping is just one aspect of the use of CCRB tokens. Though that is what makes them popular as it brings immediate and quick benefits to crypto users, there is much more to it. CCRB has managed to tap into the real estate and property market with considerable investments recorded in the real estate business using the CCRB tokens.

To know more about CCRB and how they are making shopping a rewarding experience for all crypto users, you can visit their website at —

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